Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blog Mess, Thanksgiving and CHINA!!!!!

Hi every one.  Poor Alexis is working hard to fix my blog, as well as several others.  I pray that it is fixed soon!!!!
We had a wonderful weekend with Steve’s family from Denver.  And then Jace and Karlie were able to come for the 1st time since their wedding.  It was so fun ... we didn’t tell the children that Jace and Karlie were coming for the week.  So on Wednesday, I was “looking” for them.  They wanted to sneak up from the back.  All of a sudden one of the children yells, “Hey, there is some one on our land!”  

They were so surprised and lots of happy noise filled the house!

In other news, 
I must seriously start packing today and make sure that we have everything that we need.  After that I might run around the house screaming like a mad woman.....SO EXCITED.


  1. ohhhh what a blessing for a momma to have her babies home -almost all of them! Praying for y'all as you travel to your sweet babies and for those who will be staying home. Love you Shonni!

  2. Aww very sweet post. So excited for you and your family. Praying for safe travels :)

  3. I sure hope you and Jean can meet in China!!! She is my bestest of friends!!!

    Can't wait to follow your journey!!

  4. LOVE IT- 2 DAYS!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all birthdays rolled into ONE!!! YEAH!!!

    PRAYING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ah yes my blog is crazy too!!! Poor Alexis!!! Feel so bad for her. I bet you can hardly read these comments :)

    Praying for a great trip to China for you and I look forward to seeing your journey there to your children,

    love Naomi

  6. So glad you could have all of the kids home for Thanksgiving.

    I will be PRAYING for you as you travel to China (and praying for Steve as he covers things at home).



  7. I saw your post in them morning and was so hoping it would be cleared up by the evening- so sorry it's not- ugh.

    I love your family and am so happy you had a wonderful thanksgiving!!

    We are leaving in 12 hours- ahhhhhhhh!
    Abby will be in our arms by Wednesday late afternoon- can't believe it!! Thank you Jesus!!

    Our CA appt is later than yours but lets email and see each other in GZ!!

    We are at the CHina Hotel (marriott). Where are you staying?

    Blessings on your China travel!!

  8. I love the picture of all the kids, beautiful!

  9. ¡Felicidades!
    Nosotros también estamos asignados e iremos a China en Enero o Febrero a recoger a nuestro bebé

  10. Two days! So excited for you to meet your children. And the big kid visit? That is very precious time, very precious indeed.

  11. Love the family picture! Precious!
    Praying for safe travels.

  12. Shonni...I can't believe it's finally time for you guys to go. I am so excited! I will be praying continually for your trip...your babes here and in China :) Can't wait to see them in your arms!!!!

  13. I totally LOVE the photo of all the kids--and then the next one with hugging brothers. So sweet. Will be praying for your trip to China!


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