Friday, November 18, 2011

I Almost Lost It...

My mind, that is.  I woke up this morning and my mind began to think.  It probably shouldn’t have done that, and I tried to distract it, but IT insisted on going down a bad road.  It began to think about some pain of some loved ones, and how hard it is being to find food that fits Landon’s newly discovered and severe food allergies; it wondered around the up coming China trip and packing for it; it teased with the idea of not doing school today (it is our last day till after Christmas); it stressed over the meals for next week, including Thanksgiving here at our house; it dwelt on the MANY things that need to be done before I leave and stressed over finances.  
I quickly felt that I was about to loose it.  
So I took control of it and told it to shush, sit down follow the schedule for the day.  FIRST - have Bible with the children.  “It” consented reluctantly.  Still fighting my silent battle with my mind after Bible I told it to play some school games with the children.  It didn’t want to...”To bad” I told it.  So I began a school game with one of the children, and it slowly started to relax and enjoy itself a little.  Before long, it came around to “my” way of thinking and we played a spelling game with the older ones.  It even offered some helpful suggestions for the little ones to play.  
And before we knew it, we, my mind and I, felt that we just might make it through this busy time. I just hope it continues to stay focused on the most important things...GOD and loving my family!!


  1. Your mind and mine were on the same track this morning---
    Praising God with you that we both found the light through the tunnel!
    He is good to give us the strength in the fight:)

  2. Totally LOVE the small "swimming pool" for texture play idea!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  3. Oh my goodness the food allergies...we have a little one with severe ones (she's 21 months) and it has most definitely been on my mind when I least expect it. You are in my prayers for things to come together and for you to feel His peace!

  4. Oh my that a plastic pool filled with beans? That is the coolest indoor toy I have ever seen. I so wish I would have known about that when my boys were younger!!!!

  5. Such a great reminder to 'take every thought captive.' Thanks for posting this. :)

  6. Hugs Shonni - this is the hardest part of living our life fully and completely reliant on Him! - Laying it all down!

    Praying for you today!
    Much love,

  7. You're doing a wonderful job & thank you for the reminder to keep focused ~ especially on those more difficult days!
    Have a wonderful week ~ praying for you


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