Sunday, November 6, 2011

You Called Me

In the middle of the night, I hear a little voice wake me up, “Mommy, I had a bad dream.  Can I sleep with you, Please.”  "Of course you can."  I scoot over to make room for your little body to snuggle.
Trying desperately to finish  a project, I am interrupted yet again, “Mommy, will you come see the marble maze that I just made.”  Yes, I will come.  I set aside the project with a sigh,  reminding myself that the little voice that called me is more precious than any project.
As I sit at the end of a long day, a small body squishes between my husband and I with his pooh bear, blanket and bottle and asks me to hold him and feed him.  Grateful that my husband values my role as a nurturer, we make room for him and I answer his call. 
Down the hall I hear my little man calling “Momma, kiss me good night.”  I feel slightely guiltly that I was rushing to get in my bed, but I turn around, remembering what a joy it is to have so many children who lay in my home waiting for their bed time loves.
My pretty daughter is growing into womanhood.  She needs me to listen to her and empathize with the many emotions that come with growing up.  I remind myself to stop and look and listen and love. 
Sitting to eat my meal finally, after serving 8 plates of food, one child remembers that he needs something.  I get up to meet the request.
Each day, I hear the little voices calling - a hurt ouchie to fix, sad tears, hurt feelings, creations to see, books to read, teeth to pull out, little bodies to bathe, sickness to soothe, artwork to admire, hungry tummies, things to teach, games to play, “I love you Mommy” hugs around my neck.  I answer each call sometimes with patience, and sadly sometimes with irritation.  I let my selfishness and my own desires dull my ears to the little one’s calls.

Half way around the world, a little girl sleeps tonight.  She has known hunger, pain, and fear.  Her world is one of loneliness, sadness, uncertainty, and struggles.  There is none to hear her voice when she has a bad dream, draws a pretty picture, cries in pain, is hungry, sad or afraid. 

In a far away and foreign country, a little boy plays alone.  He goes through his days. He dresses himself and feeds him self.  Does any one wipe his tears, or cheer his accomplishments?
I read the information about these orphaned children.  I look at their precious faces.  I think, can we pay for one more adoption?  Can I mother one more child?  I have feelings that conflict for just a moment… fear, uncertainty…
Then, I hear You call me yet again.  You replace my fear with faith, my uncertainty with excitement.  And I know: You have called me to mother another child.  I joyfully answer “Yes LORD. Let’s Go!"


  1. Beautiful Shonni! Beautiful!!! I want to go too!

  2. Such a Beautiful and Meaningful post...Even for me!!! Thank You

  3. What a beautiful post and reminder of what we are called to do!

    Yesterday was one of those days that I had to finish the project- all I wanted to do was to mother the children- it was a frustrating day but the project got done and today is a new day!! Yay God!!

    I am with you! I hear the call and I will go!!

  4. There are a lot of folks that I wish would read this post. Beautiful encouragement for all of us in this role of mothering ~ and considering adding to the bunch!

  5. Your days sound so familiar. ;) What a lovely post and reminder of what is really important. God is good and those precious children of your waiting will soon know your love and His love.

  6. Absolutely beautiful, and I share the same hearts. I adore you and all the Lord is doing with your precious family!! Can't wait until your sweet new one's are in your arms forever!


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