Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Do Have A Choice

"Abraham's life was a life a faith, and the life of faith is a life of testing. At every juncture we are tested. Passing each test requires stubborn optimism, resolute confidence in God and steadfast obedience. Life's problems are opportunities to prove our faith and to improve our faithfulness. We fail life's tests when we give in to despair, lose confidence in God or turn away from obedience. Every difficulty and trial is a test of faith. Will we assess the problem through the eyes of faith or not? Will we respond in faith or faithlessness?”  (First Fruits of Zion)
This above quote was very encouraging to me as I continue to walk through our days.  What an awesome and sometimes scary adventure we can choice to walk with the LORD.  But, oh, how I want to choose faithfulness each day.  We do have a choice, don’t we.  I encourage us to remember to look at our days through eyes of faith.
We have been at the dr.’s again with Landon’s tummy problems.  We now know that he has severe allergies to wheat, peanuts and soy.  Tonight, Steve and I are becoming food detectives as we begin to remove everything that is causing him to be sick.  And so far, IT’S A LOT!  

We are still waiting to see if we can travel to China in early December.  Goodness, you would think as many times as I have been through this “wait” I would be better at it.  But I find myself completely distracted, waiting, hopeful, ready ... like a woman who’s time is near and all her thoughts are on the upcoming “birth”.  
How are ya’ll doing?  Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks?  We usually have Thanksgiving at our brother-in-laws house...however, we are glad to have it here this year, as their house is still being rebuilt after the lightening fire.  I am trying to come out of my “when are we going to China” fog long enough to find some fun and nice things to do with the children and to fix for our visiting family.  
Have you found anything fun to do with your children for this special time of the year?


  1. Beautiful blog! Beautiful children! We adopted our little girl from Thailand 4 1/2 years ago. She was 6. It has been quite a journey.

  2. I'm trying to be a food detective, too. Calvin reacts immediately, but it's hard to say which ingredient is the culprit. Tonight it was spaghetti at church. Was it the gluten, wheat, tomato?? No clue. I'll write it down and try to keep track. Praying for your family.


  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only waiting mama who is in lala land right now, sidetracked by this one thought, "When are we going to travel? When are we going to travel? When are we going to travel?....."

  4. oh girl, food allergies arae so hard - I will be praying for yall!

  5. I wanted to write and let you know how encouraging your blog is. Through yours and a couple others I have remained faithful that if God placed adoption on my heart, he would move my husband's heart too. On our anniversary this past weekend he told me that he was ready and that we will adopt a daughter. This came from a, no not ever, response the first time I brought it to him. The Lord is faithful. :)

  6. Well. I'm glad you asked! Actually no! This is a different holiday season for us- we will also be traveling in NOv/Dec and to be quite honest I am just praying for God's perfect timing. I know we cannot do our usual celebration and we have no idea when we will leave so it is a time of prayer and putting it in HIS very capable hands.

    Along with this uncertainty we have had Sam's surgery and 3 trips to Cincy in November. Plus Hubby is very busy at work.

    I can feel God everywhere and am so thankful- it is more than I can handle BUT I know he can handle it all!!

    Shonni- thank you for your exuding God's peace in your post. You are every bit a busy and I appreciate your calm amongst the storm! God is working through you!!

  7. Great encouragement and reminder, Shonni, see our days through the eyes of faith. I am praying for your two treasures across the ocean, and hoping that you will be holding them soon soon soon. Love, Chenning

  8. Thank you for this quote this AM. As we near moving, and see all that needs to be done to get there, it's overwhelming and discouraging times. Amazing how much food can cause health issues. We got rid of a lot, too!

  9. I hope the change in Landon's diet helps him significantly! Good to know at least where to start. As for Thanksgiving, we make butter that day as our tradition. All the kids get turns shaking the mason jar!

  10. China fog is right.I get that. Like Jean, we are also in the midst of change, dr appts, surgeries, learning to be a family after a recent adoption. Not sure how to make the holidays special here or where you are except to focus on God's goodness and rest in that. If you were 9 months pregnant, you wouldn't be doing much realistically. And you will be exhausted after you get home....meeting those new needs.

    Wonderful God-heart posts this week. Thank you.

  11. Oh how your blog lifts me. Thank you! We struggle with serious food allergies in 3 of our boys (not even biologically related to each other) so I know your difficulty. A fun Thanksgiving tradition for our family is to either have one kid draw a tree or find a branch and then have everyone cut out leaf shapes and write what they are thankful for and hang them on the tree. We do leaves everyday during November. I think it would be so much fun to do it with extended family. We also learn hymns of thanksgiving as well as children's thanksgiving songs. Thanks again for your blog and good luck with your current adoptions.


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