Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Go

No go on Caresse’s surgery.  She has a staph infection in her hand and it has traveled up her arm.  So we will have to reschedule it.
In other news,
 Kiana has been asking for two years, and saving her money to put with our birthday gift for her this year - a puppy.   We picked up her new little love on Saturday.  Name - Rider

And my sweet husband did something very silly - he showed me a Havanese puppy that needed a new home.  This is the type of dog that Bluez is, and we both fell in love with this new one.  These dogs are usually hard to find and very expensive, but an elderly couple was just wanting to find a good home for this little cutie.  We picked him up on Saturday as well.  Name - Jazz.
So, yes, we picked up TWO new puppies on Saturday, and now have three dogs.  My mom laughingly said “You know, you can’t save all the puppies in the world.”  (Inside joke)

 I thought it was funny/cute to see Chinese chalk handwriting on our drive way.

I was showing Noelani America and China on a map.  Then through various signs I finally understood that she wanted me to show her the countries where our other children where born.  So I also highlighted those for her. 

I was mixing up something yesterday, and Noelani asked to help.  I told her that I probably needed to do it because it was a little tricky to mix.  She said “Noelani, careful.”  Cute.  
Kalyn has been sick that last few days.
Our favorite subject for school is Signing Times.
We use the videos and a few of the books.  I really felt that this was the best way to begin teaching English to Noelani and Clive.  The other children LOVE it also.  After we watch a video, I have Noelani say the word, sign the word, and then write it several times.    She has good moments and not so good moments with her school.  Clive really only works in work books, or cuts shapes.  I just can’t seem to get his attention for much else right now.  I am going to just give him time to adjust and learn English before I really try anything formal with him.  
Well, onward with this unexpected day.  How are ya’ll doing?


  1. Wow- two more doggies - just like that!! How fun for the kids!! You're a good mom!!

    Praying that Caresse- that her infection heals quickly and that she can have her surgery asap.

    Blessings to you!

  2. You are just as nuts as us LOL! CUTE CUTE PUPS! BIG HUGS!

  3. Looks like some fun times!! Prayers the infection clears up soon so she can get this surgery behind her.

  4. We have most of the signing time, and love them. We used them when Avery did not talk until age 4. I did not know there were books! I'll have to chec it out. Our new son doesn't seem to be picking up too much English---maybee we need to brea out the signing time dvd's.


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