Friday, January 13, 2012

“Do You Love Me?"

Steve had to leave for a week on Monday, and that really threw Clive.  He was horrible on Monday and Tuesday.  I was asking the LORD what I needed to do to help all of my family this week.  I knew that it was going to be especially hard with Steve gone and me trying to start school.  As I was going to sleep Tuesday night, I felt that the LORD was reminding me that He is my Shepherd and that I was to follow His example right now with my family.  
I have prayed and sought the LORD these last days, and have felt Him asking me “Do you love Me?” 
The next day I heard His sweet voice saying “Feed my sheep.”  
So many of you have sent precious encouragement, prayers and notes to me.  THANK YOU so much.  I wish I could write to you all, but I am just not having time right now...I’m so sorry.
There are some things that I don’t want to forget...
-Noelani went with me to gather eggs and give the chickens their scraps.  After she had put all the eggs in the bowl, she bowed to them and said in her broken English “Thank you, chickens.”  ADORABLE.
-The first weeks, Noelani and Clive both spoke to Kiana, who came home from China when she was a baby, in Chinese.  I think that they thought she could speak Mandarin and would translate for them.  Kiana would look at me and ask “What do I do?”  I just laughed and told her that they would figure out soon enough that she couldn’t help them.
-We are using the Signing Time Videos for their school (love these!!!!).  And they are getting it!!!  Clive walked up to Kiana and signed “silly Kiana" to engage her in playing.  
-Clive gives me a dozen kisses a day.  Of course, I love those!
-Noelani is very helpful!
-Noelani is having a horrible skin eczema all over her body.  We went to the dr. this week, which made her very nervous, but I knew that we had to get medicine for it.
-Clive LOVES we are watching that a lot right now.  Our other favorite movie is Dolphin Tales.  Noelani was asking about the dolphin and his  hurt tail.  She seems to be very sensitive and sweet about people with a disability.
-I am feeling a little more comfortable with them.  In China, I would beg Kalyn to not leave me alone with them.  Now, I went all the way to town by myself with them, and even took them to an indoor play area.  Good on me - right? LOL
-They LOVE to eat....especially Noelani.
There is more, but daddy just got home, the pressure cooker is broken, so supper is late.  
Tonight, I am thankful and TIRED.


  1. Thank you for a tiny insight......we are praying here in the Wright Home for you all!!!! Praying God's continued guidance on your transition!!!

  2. one day at a time, right Shonni? and sometimes hour by hour, minute by minute. Way to go on having the courage to take them out by yourself! I know that can be a huge step.

  3. They are just so precious. Older child adoption is difficult, but oh so very rewarding too!

  4. Love reading these updates. What adorable kiddos!!!!


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