Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Didn’t Take A Picture

A special moment happened on my couch this afternoon.  Noelani has a magna-doodle and has been playing on it all day.  Later this afternoon, she sat down beside me and asked me to spell her name for her.  I began to finger spell (Am. Sign Lang.) to help her “hear” the letters I was saying.  She did a great job spelling her name, looking up to my fingers to make sure that she was right.  
Then something very special happened.  She began to ask me to spell every family member’s names.  We went through all her brothers and sisters names; me finger spelling, her writing and looking up at my fingers when she wasn’t sure.  Then we went through “Dandy” and “Gommy”, and her cousins, aunts and uncles.  It was really quite cute!  I wanted to get the camera and take a picture, but I also didn’t want to get up and disturb the special moment.   So I didn’t get a picture.
Also, Clive was wanting more bread at lunch, and he couldn’t remember the word for “bread”, but he did remember the sign (ASL) for “bread” and signed it to ask for more.  I was so proud for him.   
I don’t need more confirmation that “Signing Times” is being a huge blessing in helping our new children adjust!
However, I can’t leave you without an adorable picture.
We are really enjoying our new puppies.  They are really so good.


  1. What progress! I love how God just reassures us in with the moments.
    And p.s. those puppies of yours are down right adorable!

  2. I love Signing Time videos. Great job using that tool to empower the kids.. Proves how smart they are. :)

  3. what a precious moment! Love that. :-)

  4. Wonderful, Shonni! Isn't it a privilege to be a part of watching Noelani learn to love and trust? So awesome! And yes, the puppies are just so cute. Love, Chenning

  5. Love this!!! ASL has also helped my ADHD kiddo! He has to be moving so he fingerspells everything he hears - (his hand is usually down by his side) - but it is a wonderful help for him! So wonderful to hear the kids are listening enough to learn! :) And hey - love those puppies!!! so sweet!!!

  6. AW, well done!! Your kids are amazing!
    Love Jules


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