Wednesday, January 4, 2012

He Is Making UP...

...for lost time...mommy time.  I don’t consider his “age”, I look at his heart.  And it is one precious, hungry little thing.  He has so changed from the stressed little boy that we saw in China.  There are still several “instinutional” behaviors...hiding toys and food, unwilling to share, yelling and acting “younger” than his age.  
But what I see is a little boy who is HUNGRY for the love of a mommy and family.  He has kissed me a dozen times today.  And not to be outdone, when “Baa-baa” (daddy) came home from work and kissed me, Clive launched in right away for his kiss.  A prayer request here is that he is completely rejecting and is horribly mean to Kalyn.  This is really hurting her feelings.  I am now keeping Clive with me “constantly” as if he were a newborn, and am praying that he comes around to Kalyn.  He is so loving, that I am a little confused by his rejection of Kalyn. 

Since the day that he came to us, I found out that he LOVES fish.  We would daily visit the fish at the hotel. 
And that didn’t change when we were at the Texas coast.

I know, ADORABLE, or what!!!!  And guess what, he actually caught this beautiful fish with a child’s fishing pole (by accident)...hey, we will take it.  Now, there was a major sad moment, when Clive accidentally saw his fish being cut up for supper.  However, I think he understood later when he kept saying “fishy yum-yum”.  LOL
Time for night night....more tomorrow about our precious Noelani...the one that God named.


  1. Oh my goodness! He is just soooo precious!

  2. I will pray for his heart to soften to Kayln. I know that must be hard on her. How about she gets him a goldfish and they go together to get it???

  3. Praying sweet Clive with be released of his survivor instincts, and that he will begin to accept her as his sister. I'm sure as he sees how the other little kids love her - he will come around too. She is so fun with them I'm sure he will come around. Praying for sweet Kalyn also.

  4. Glad to hear this wonderful report. I'm sure he'll come around to everyone given time. What great strides he's already made.

  5. :-) Love the fish pictures, and the lap pictures, too! Happy that things seem to be "looking up" a bit.


  6. Shonni this is beautiful....Faithful God

  7. Oh yes- we had that moment on the bathroom floor with Sam!

    They need so much love, they need to make up for the time they missed out on... time without a Momma and a Daddy.

    God Bless Him!

  8. Hi Shonni! Glad things are going better with your little guy! For what it's worth: I read on someone else's blog who had an issue like you are talking about with Kalyn and Clive. Turns out the newly adopted one, like your Clive, thought the older one was more like an adult, not a child/sibling. So, maybe your Clive thinks of Kalyn as another mommy...and he is just acting mean to her so she doesn't take him from you. Like I said...just a thought! Praying for you through this!

  9. He is precious. Praying he starts accepting Kayln.


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