Saturday, January 21, 2012

Remember This?

Yea, that’s the HORRIBLE bone growth that is in Caresse’s shoulder.  And it has gotten larger.  She is having surgery on Tuesday to remove it, and to take out the plate that was put in her leg to help straighten it.  And we are praising the LORD, because the plate did straighten her leg and the dr. said it looks great! 

This shoulder surgery will be more intense than the others that Caresse has had.  Our amazing dr. has warned us that because the bone growth has grown threw her muscles there will be spasms after the removal.  Please pray for her surgery and recovery!!
Thank you so much!!!!


  1. Oh, precious Caresse. I'll be praying!

  2. ohhh sweet, beautiful Caresse! So thankful your leg looks good - will be praying for you especially on Tuesday and for your recovery.

  3. Oh..I sounds like this coming week will be intense. Prayers for peace for all....for everything to go well during the surgery and for a recovery easier then anticipated.

  4. She will be in our prayers. What a beautiful girl! We'll pray for quick recovery and for the family as well. You all have a lot on your plate right now!

  5. Shonni,
    I've been following your blog... Praying that things start to smooth out a bit. As you know, we will be walking the same road very soon. I'm praying for you Shonni. Keep the faith. You are doing such a great job. Don't lose heart or allow the enemy to plant fear or doubt in your heart. You can do all things through CHRIST who is your strength. It is so very hard, but in the end, so very worth it. Clive and Noelani are SO very worth it and so are you. You have been chosen for this calling. God will equip you moment by moment with everything you need to love & raise these children for HIS glory. Baby steps...


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