Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Know What’s Making Him Laugh?

 I bought Steve a special gift for his birthday this last weekend; glow stick swords for the boys and glow stick wands for the girls, and the fun didn’t stop there ... did you notice the round glowing “balls” in the above pictures?  Yep ... glowing balloons. The children had so much fun playing with daddy in the dark with all the glowing fun goodness.  One of the children said “This is the BEST birthday EVER.”  I love that the most simple things can be the most memorable.  YEA on fun!!!


  1. What a great JOY photo! Very fun!

  2. What fun!

    Happy Birthday, Steve.


  3. Love it! And Happy Birthday Steve!!! :)

  4. Can I ask where you found all this glowing goodness???? Looks like tons of fun:)


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