Monday, March 5, 2012

Biopsy Report

A phone call from our dr. this afternoon revealed a surprise for us.  Caresse has an Atypical Mycobacteria disease.  We have to see a specialist in Denver and get her on a different medication to clear this up before we proceed with her surgeries.  Not dangerous, but definitely a pain.
We had a very refreshing time with Dandy, Gommy and Aunt Karla this weekend.  It is so nice to just sit and enjoy time with my family.

Funny how this time of the year brings a longing for warmer weather to my heart.  And today didn’t disappoint us.  It was around 70 and we enjoyed some outside play time.  We have a large water puddle in the back yard from the melting snow.  The children are loving that!  It is suppose to snow later this week.
Isn’t it horrible about the tornado’s in the south and east?  Praying for those effected.
Time for supper.  How is your week going?  Anything you would like me to prayer for?


  1. Noelani looks so happy in that picture. I love her spring time skirt! I've been enjoying the warmer weather too...apparently it's suppose to be 48 and raining on Friday : (
    Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Love the photo!

    The Kentucky tornadoes were about an hour and a half north of us. We had a scary afternoon and several tornado sirens went off (meaning a funnel cloud had been spotted), but in the end our area experienced nothing more than a brief, intense rain.

    I keep forgetting to respond to your message about a phone call. Yes, that would probably be a good idea. The timing is the issue -- things are crazy around here.

    Praying for you!


  3. praying for sweet Caresse!!!!

  4. Love the photo of Noelani and her auntie! She looks so good and so happy!

    BTW- I am practicing saying your name the right way! I said it the wrong way for so long- it was hard to change! I was thinking it would be easier for you to change the pronunciation rather than me! HA!

    Praying for Caresse!

  5. Refreshing weekends are the best!!


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