Saturday, March 24, 2012


Kalyn and I were gifted to free movie tickets.  And I got to tell you, since Steve has been gone for 3 days, we were looking forward to the break!  Steve was wonderful about letting us go too.
What did we see?  I can tell you it was AWESOME.  I cried; I laughed; and I came away even more thankful than ever for the gift of life, and the blessings that adoption has brought to my life.  The movie was “October Baby”.   PLEASE go see it.  This isn’t a “political” issue.  The issues really are love, forgiveness, and living the beautiful adventure that the LORD has given us.  
I’m am so missing sitting down and blogging, or catching up, with all of you.  I miss reading your blogs and there are several emails that I want to answer.  I am missing connecting with you all!!  I must say THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments on the last few posts.  Several of you gave great suggestions for us as we walk this new road of CL/CP with Noelani!  I am so grateful, and would mention each of you in this post as a special thank you, except I can’t even keep the children’s names straight right now.  LOL....I wanted Corbin the other morning, only I called Aiden’s name.  When I finally got Corbin to come, he promptly informed me - “I’m Corbin.”  Hey, I was just glad that I had called the right “ethnic” group.  Speaking of that, Noelani is so funny...and cute...she pretty much divides people into “Asian”, “African” and “American”... so when she asked where each child is “born from” and we get to Corbin, we tell her that he was born in Oklahoma.  She adamantly and quick corrects us and tells us that he MUST have been born is Africa because he is black.  LOL  So we let it go for now.  When she sees other “African”’s (like at the Children’s Hospital in Denver), she is always afraid for them and will say “I don’t love you, Africa”, which translates into “I am afraid of this African looking person.”  
Thank you again for your advice and comments for us as we walk this journey of healing with our children.  I love you all and am so grateful for you.


  1. We are going to see October Baby tonight- CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! :)

  2. I'm going to have to go to that movie!
    Of course, I don't know when I'll go but I'm hoping to go sometime!

    My life is like yours! Busy and blessed!

  3. You are such an inspiration!

    I have missed blogging and catching up with Blog friends too! These are busy and wonderful days!


  5. I got to see October Baby this past weekend too. It was really good.


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