Thursday, March 8, 2012

There was ONE warm hour this week, and I didn’t let it get away.  I grabbed my knitting, sat in the sun, and stayed there until the sun went down.  It was a wonderful moment of knitting, and watching the children playing around me.  
Tomorrow I am taking Caresse to Denver to meet with the special doctor that we have to see for her infection.  Please pray for us.  Also, Clive has a “funny” sore on his back.  Wondering if it might be what Caresse has, but the infectious doctor want even get him in till the end of April (yea, I know - ridiculous).
I am headed into town this afternoon to study a bit on learning “gliches” as Diane Craft calls them.  We are seeking the LORD for a few of the children that are having problems in school.  By the way, if you want to find out about the amazing ways to help our children through nutritional help, then check out Diane Craft’s Biology of Behavior here.  I really believe that we can help our struggling children by supporting them nutritionally and can say that I have seen it first hand.


  1. Amen to that! Diets can play a huge role in behavior (& school work), and we've seen it first hand, too. Praise God for these bits of wisdom He hands us little by little!

  2. We found the Biology of Behavior cd was great for our kids.

  3. LOVE Dianne Craft- we have some learning needs that have really been helped!!!!!! WAHOOO!!! Through the dyslexia exercises.....AMAZING!

  4. Hope the infections/sores clear soon!!

    How cool to go see Dianne Craft in person!! Wishing we lived around there still so we could! I keep reading on her website finding tidbits to help us. There's always something I find!

    Blessings, Jennifer


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