Friday, March 2, 2012

Silliness Abounds

 There’s nothing like a birthday to give an excuse for some silly-ness - Big Time.  And Landon gave us the opportunity with his 11th birthday. (Isn’t he ADORABLE - and he’s as sweet as he is handsome).  We put together and ice cream “cake” (no cake) for him to avoid his food allergies.  It was good!
 The children like to dress up for birthdays.  I never know what they will come up with.
 It can get pretty interesting, I can tell you.  I need to buy them some bigger dress-up clothes, but for now, they get pretty creative.
 Everyone had to take turns trying to do the “funny eye thing.”  I’m not showing you the picture of me.  

 Landon was really wanting this for his birthday, so he was excited.
And this is just to show you what a gentleman my Boo is.  Landon holds the title for the most nick-names in this family.  It really happened accidentally.  Jace was so excited to finally get a brother after 3 sisters that he nick-named Landon his “buddy-boo” when they were little.  All these years later, Landon will now answer to “Buddy-Boo, Boo, Boosky, the Booster, Le-Boo, and Boo-Boo”.  “Le-Boo-Boo” is what I call him most of the time, and he likes that.  It’s my special name for him and he says he always knows how much I love him because he knows he is always his mother’s favorite Boo.   


  1. ohhh! Happy 11th birthday handsome little man!!!

  2. Fun Post!

    Our kids love to dress up, too.

    And, our kids love to play with Zoobs. Such cool building toys.

    Hope your weekend is BLESSED!

    Laurel :)

  3. Happy "belated" Birthday, Landon! What a sweet, handsome guy.


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