Monday, March 26, 2012

Her Love

I have been so proud of Kiana.  She has taken wonderful care of her new puppy.  And he adores her.  She lovingly named him Rider.  It is very common to hear Kiana say to her little pup “You are so adorable.”  
She saved up and waited for two long years to help buy her puppy.  She also picked out a breed that wouldn’t be too big (mommy’s wish) and not bad for Corbin’s allergies.  They are quite adorable together, and she will always remember her “1st love”.
In other news,
we have the stomach flu here and that it not so warm and fuzzy as a puppy is.  If ya’ll don’t hear from me by the weekend, send in a recovery team...LOL.
loves to ya’ll on your Monday.


  1. What kind is he? We have mixed breeds and I don't really know my dog breeds.

  2. Puppy and Kiana? Absolutely adorable! Stomach bug? THE WORST!!! I feel for all of you! YUCK!!

  3. ohhh how sweet!!! and ohhh - I hope y'all get feeling better soon! hugs to y'all!

  4. I'd love to know what kind of dog he is as well. He is cute! I thought the only dogs that were easier on allergies were the ones with hair instead of fur, but it looks like this guy has fur?? I'd love to know because we are considering allowing our son to get a dog and we have allergies here as well.

  5. Ohhh! Getting my first dog was something I dreamed about for years. Pretty much it was what I asked for any time someone asked me what I wanted as a gift. When I finally got one for Christmas when I was 16, I was beyond thrilled. =)

  6. Oh! Just now reading about your stomach flu. So sorry to hear that! We had the flu, Strain A, in three of our family members two weeks ago, and it was definitely a week of misery. Praying that you are better soon!

  7. Sorry there is sickness there :( Hope it passes soon. We had a slow moving one the past few weeks that included bad stomach pains- I had it pain for two days...thought I'd be in the hospital to remove an appendix...then several days later one girl had stomach pains so bad for days I thought she might have appendicitis and dragged her to the doctor. Then the next week, someone else had the same pain for days....thought about taking her to the doctor to and made her do all the same things the dr. told us to have the first girl do if we suspected appendix. I was laughing at myself by then for freaking out about the next person who had pains- she just got to lay on the couch until she felt better :)

    How fun reading about Kiana's love of her puppy. You are so blessed to have so many lovely daughters :) Blessings, Jennifer


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