Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From Kalyn

From His Holy Hand
By Kalyn Hassoldt

From across the sea God brought the cry of orphans to us,
From across the sea God brought us to a place,
From across the sea God brought to us a small child to love.

He asked us to love them,
He asked us to care for them,
He asked us to play with them,
He asked us to make a family for them.

We have gladly brought them in and loved them,
We have lovingly brought them in and cared for them,
We have joyfully brought them in and played with them,
We have happily brought the into our family.

God has given us children to love,
God has given us little hands to hold,
God has given us siblings to hold tight to,
God has given us children to adore.

Here we stand praising Him,
Here we stand loving those He has given to us,
Here stand with a family made of those we love,
Here we stand a family made up of all the nations of the world!

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  1. Kalyn... God truly rejoices when we hear His voice and do as He asks us... whether it is easy or if it is a risk... when we believe in Him and walk out of our comfort zone... then we show Him that we believe. Of course He know our hearts, sometimes better than we do ourselves... but when you pour out yourself, as you did in your poem... then He rejoices... because then He knows that YOU know what He wants from you... I hope that makes sense :c) Thank you for sharing God's heart with us :c)


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