Friday, January 23, 2009

Reckless Faith

I am looking so forward to seeing my sweet friends, Audrey and Britt. They will be here for a night. This family, and their four children, are so precious to us and work diligently for the LORD as missionaries in Mexico. Besides my parents and a handful of others, this family has been an example of "reckless faith" . Here's a quote from a book (yes, I love books!!!!), called RECKLESS FAITH..."If God doesn't come through in the way I want Him to, it should expand my view of faith, not shrink it. It means there is something else going on, something I can't see or understand, and I have the opportunity to be swept up in it or not. I'm walking toward a more reckless faith."
I keep learning that each day I have a choice to let go and be led. I want to be "swept up" in the things that are on Gods heart. I want to let go of what I can understand, and be led by the One who knows live my life with passionate faith, not because of me and what I can do, but because of Him and His love for us all.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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