Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boyz Toyz

Here is my brother, Kim, and Landon at the Texas coast a few Christmas' ago. Several of our family members spent hours on this wonderful sand Ford pick-up; then Kim had the cute idea to park his Ford behind it. I wanted to send this to Ford with the title "What little boys dream of...", but raising 10 children and home schooling kind of filled my time up.

We have had so many amazing trips with our family. I think part of that is that my parents invest in time with us!! ... and they have said that we are their favorite people to play with and go on trips/vacations with. My parents really do enjoy us; and that is what I pray to teach my children. As we choose to invest time and money into our relationships with each other, our lives are richer, our relationships stronger and our hearts are intertwined.

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  1. Shonni, I saw your post on Linny's blog. I've enjoyed getting to know your family on your blog...figuring out the fun. We have three bio kids,too and we adopted three from China...a total of 6! Question...what do you all drive? Our Honda minivan is full. :)


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