Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Family Intro.- Part Two

Sometime after Kiana had been home, we learned of little boys waiting for families in S. Korea. Before long we were at the airport welcoming home our 5th child, Landon, who was only 5 months old at the time he came home. What a sweet and easy going baby Landon was. Our oldest son began to call London his buddy boo (he was excited to finally have a brother). Today Landon is a precious 7 year old, and his nick name is Boo. Later, we found out about waiting children in Vietnam. After many difficulties and the loss of a little girl, we were extremely blessed and happy to bring home Garett. Today he is a healthy 6 year old and very much a lover. We have never regretted what we went through to bring this precious little boy home, and at times it looked like it might not happen. This adoption tested our faith in new ways and at times we literally walked one step at a time, never even sure what would happen next. This time in our lives has shown us that bad things definitely happen and to trust that God will (and did), work all things out for the best for our family.
Must get the little ones down for nap...
to be continued.

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