Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mothering Moment

Another little darlin' sick...that's 5 with fever, tummy sickness, etc. ...
I did get the Bible read to them and we prayed, but I think I will have to give up most of the of school today. I've been struggling with that, telling myself that it is OK to be a mommy and let the rest go for now.
It's Steve's birthday today. My sweet man is making supper for us (his favorite - stir fry), and bringing home ice cream because I didn't think I could get a cake made. Just when all the sick children are resting on the couches, suddenly, one is calling and needing me to hold, or help them.
Poor dentist (where does HE fit in?)....ha-ha, they bless us by scheduling 7 of us at a time...that's a 3 hour block on their schedule just for us so that I don't have to make so many trips to town (yes, Beth A. - and more days that I have to put on make-up-ha!). All of our other Dr.s will only schedule 2 of us at a time. I finally had to call the dentist office this morning and cancel all but three of us. Poor receptionist was very confused about who was coming and who she needed to cancel. So you see - Poor dentist people!
Little darlin' needs help....

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  1. Thanks so much for starting to follow my blog!
    I am so glad that you did! It led me to you and your amazing family!
    I'm so sorry that you have little ones sick! I will pray for them! And, for YOU!! ;)

    (p.s. our pediatric dentist schedules all 4 of ours together, too... it is so so nice!!)


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