Saturday, January 3, 2009

Family intro

Some have asked about our husband and I always knew that we wanted as many children as the Lord sent to us, knowing that children are a gift from God. Our 1st pregnancy I was very sick, however, a gorgeous son joined us in Autumn. Our 2nd pregnancy I was even SICKER! However, again, a beautiful, healthy daughter was home birthed in Colorado. We tried several things to hopefully improve our chances of having a healthy pregnancy for me and four years after Kalyn, we became pregnant with our 3rd. This pregnancy was even worse; life threatening to the baby and me. Still another beautiful baby girl was added to our family (again home birthed - which we loved!)

We knew now that God would be bringing more children home to us ANOTHER way. Several months after Caresse was born, we heard about the abandoned girls in China...we knew this was how God would add to our family. 18 months later I stood in a crowded airport as my husband and my mother stepped through that long tunnel and my husband handed me this precious gift, our newest daughter. She immediately began to cry and tried to squirm out of my arms. I understood. In her short life, she had been through alot, and we certainly didn't look or sound much for her to get use to, especially having a mommy and daddy and family. Our journey with her was beginning, and God was planting a seed in our hearts that has become a be continued.

Kiana is now a happy, healthy 9 year old. Lots of energy and a mischievuos side for sure!

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