Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family Intro.- Part Three

Jace showed Corban how to make fun music.

Our story continues with the long wait for our little Corban Samuel. After we brought home Garett, we heard about a crisis pregnancy center in Oklahoma and decided to get on the list for perspective birth mothers to look at. It seemed like forever (two years), and we wondered if we would ever be accepted by a birth mother, when one day we got the call that said a birth mom had chose our family for her baby that was to be born in just a few weeks. It was hard to believe at first...we were so excited, but a little nervous. We had never done a domestic adoption. Just a few weeks later we got a call from the BIRTH MOTHER telling US "It's a boy". WOW!! I flew out immediately with Kalyn and we met our birth mother and our new son just a few short hours later. We had a wonderful two weeks in OK getting to know our newest family member and meeting with the birth mother several times. She was very sweet and very easy to be around. Christmas Eve we flew home.

We then attempted to adopt from Sierra Leone. We were matched several time with children that became unavailable, and then were matched with twins who died. This was very sad and at this time we began to see that Sierra Leone was probably going to close down. This is when I received the Above Rubies magazine and on the front was a beautiful baby girl who had just come home to her family from Liberia, W. Africa. We knew that this was where our new children were.

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  1. Hi Shonni,
    Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog!

    I'm having fun reading a little history on the making of your amazing family. Thanks for sharing some of your journey! I love how God is knitting you all together.

    Wondering if you'd ever be interested in a real like 'meet up'? I've realized that having friends who understand is a huge must in this adventure and I've just started to get to know a few other women around the south Denver area. If you'd ever like to join us or even just meet me in Castle Rock for lunch one day- let me know!

    Blessings, Laura
    lmcbride123 (at) msn . com


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