Monday, January 19, 2009


(Out our front door)

I loved the poem that Kalyn wrote (Leisure - below). I often have to remind myself to INTERRUPT myself and stop, slow down...notice what is before me. I tend to be the kind that just goes, goes, goes...trying to finish something or other (though, is anything ever really laundry?) I become so rushed sometimes, (only me to blame) that I don't pause and look at the snow falling, the sunset, the cuteness of a child's smile, the silliness of the dog, the sadness in little eyes. It's not that I NEVER stop, it's just that I think I need to let myself be interrupted more often (without being stressed) by those unplanned, unexpected little moments of life; moments from God. I think that is one reason I like helps me to stop and see, to "interact" with a moment in time.

Nancy Campbell talks about being available for every mothering moment. That's what I be available for mothering moments, God moments, beauty moments, quiet moments, people moments, working live busy with the good, and available for the better.

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