Monday, September 21, 2009

One More Time

We wanted to squeeze in one more camping trip before the weather turns cold here. We had driven up a road to find a camping spot when the trailer started smoking. We quickly pulled over to find that the left side had "fallen" down onto the wheel and the wheel was rubbing against the fender.
My parents have blessed us with the loan of this trailer to help haul a family of 12 when we need it, and it has been so helpful for our camping trips!
So, now, with everything in that trailer, we were not sure what was going to happen.
We found someone to take it to someone else to fix the broken whats-it...I know, I sound like a woman....LOL
God provided though....
We needed to rent a trailer if we were still going to make this trip work. We went to the only U-Haul place within hours of us. They were closed...however, after several hours someone reached someone who sooner or later came and got us a trailer....

So, back to the broken trailer to unload and reload. Do you know why this is worth it all?

Cuz, God make this for us to enjoy...isn't is BEAUTIFUL!

Beans and rice for supper....
Bedtime after a wonderful hike....
What can I say...
I love, LOVE Colorado...and I know that God is pleased when we enjoy and take pleasure in HIS CREATION.
So, we left just in time because if turned COLD. In fact, today, here at our home, it has snowed most of the is warm enough to melt quickly though.
We have been busy cleaning up because we have special company coming tonight...some of you know them...want to guess?


  1. Are you getting a visit from the 'D' family? Enjoy your time. We are looking forward to our visit in October.

    Also envy your cooler weather. The hill behind us is presently totally on fire! We need some cooler weather, not the 100 degrees forcasted for the next couple of days!

    Beautiful pictures!
    Delighting in Him

  2. oh your famiy is just so beautiful... I love how you enjoy God's beautiful creation.
    I too love outdoors. I am so ready for some pretty weather so we can enjoy some hikes. We have been stuck in for around 10 days due to rain rain rain....

  3. Yes, His Creation is worth the broken trailer to enjoy!

    Your photos are always so beautiful!

    Lots of love!
    Enjoy your special company!

  4. Jealous of your beautiful hike and proud of you for eating your rice and beans even while camping! :0)

  5. We used to camp when our older kids were young but then gave it up- we thought there were too many of us- Boy was I wrong!! Your pics look like so much fun I think we need to start camping again. Only problem is - we don't live in beautiful Colorado.

    I think you are amazing! You have an awesome family!

  6. Looks like you had such a fabulous time, my friend. LOVE the gorgeous pics.
    Yip--more snow heading our way :( Oh, I mean :) LOL!

  7. Wow...breathtaking pictures!! So glad you had a fun time camping. :)


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