Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is There Anything More Beautiful?-By Kalyn

A sun set, a sun rise
Truly both are beautiful
But I have seen something more beautiful still
Something of which you can never have your fillWater ever flowing on down steep mountain passes
Across fairy glens, so swiftly and truly does it go
Yet I have seen something that flows more truer
than water
This thing of which I speak can go as high as the sun and farth

Fire is a power and a force not to take lightly
It lights up the sky with its passionate dance
Fire though in all its splendor can still be extinguished
And yet this thing that burns in my heart is never finished

It twirls and it leaps
Sometimes soft and slow
At other moments explosive and fiery
Each dance is a precious memory

Sometimes it is rocky and rough
And at other times it is soft and sweet
As strong as iron, as unbreakable as steel
It will get wounded and hurt sometimes, yet it sh
all heal

It binds two people as close as brothers
As inseparable as family
It is a force that draws us to one another
Once joined in this bond, not even death can separate them from each other

Beautiful, Wonderful, Faithful, and Loyal
Powerful, Unbreakable, Unquenchable, and Unyielding
Loving, Forgiving, Understanding, Unfailing.
Its Friendship


  1. Just to let you know, your family was in my prayer this morning. Have a blessed day!
    May the love and friendship be in your family forever... Amen.

  2. Oh wow--those are SUCH stunning pics. Absolutely beautiful. The words amazing :)

  3. Simply breathtaking every one!

    Love and blessings,

  4. Kalyn,

    You have a beautiful way with words. And the pictures are absolutely gorgeous.



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