Wednesday, September 23, 2009

D Family Fun

What a precious time we had the the D Family.
And Colorado showed off for our guest with cold, snowy weather! That didn't stop us though...we dug out some coats for all the children and headed to Garden of the gods. What a beautiful place. I never get tired of the unusual rock structures and the children loved the chance to run and chase each other.
I was so thankful to have this chance to meet Laurel and some of her children "in person"...what fun they are! How very special to have the LORD bring us friends through the blog world and what a blessing to share each others lives and passions! They were so gracious about eating beans and rice with us also!!
We went to Wendy's for lunch...what a hoot to walk in with 16 children. I ordered 4 of the 10 pack chicken nuggets...and the guy filling the order in the back yelled out "hey, does she know that is FORTY nuggets." answer "yes, and that is only 5 a piece...I hope it is enough."
Thank you Laurel for coming to visit us...God's blessings on the rest of your trip.


  1. How nice that you got to get to know each other face to face. Glad you all had such a nice time.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  2. You are in the Springs!?! My parents used to come and do Marriage Get-a-Way's at the Castle (with the Navigators). They were co-leaders with another sweet older couple. We loved Garden of the Gods!! And Ladybug Lookout! :)

  3. so glad you had a good visit:)

    We frequent Wendy's because of the value menu quite often. I hardly ever go buy kids meals anywhere. I go to Wendys and get them nuggets or a crispy chicken sandwich.

  4. The "Does she know that's FORTY nuggets?!" made me laugh!

    Glad you guys had so much fun together!!!

  5. 40 you don't know what you're ordering...LOL!!

    Beautiful rock structure & family pics!


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