Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"Both mother and children can have a relationship with nature where a spirit of joy and praise are present as all admire God's work in creation." - From Charlotte Mason Companion


I was thankful yesterday, that we were able to go up to the mountains to enjoy some Autumn glory with our friends from No Greater Joy Mom. It was so beautiful and the Aspen are right at their peak...startling in their golden color....
There are also some vibrant colors out in our front field.
I want my children to be in the habit of looking at nature around them. I believe that the LORD has given us beauty around us to enjoy, to be amazed by, to wonder at, observe and be inspired by...
but most of all, when I see His glorious creation, I am in awe at His love for me. I NEED His feeds my soul. When I am stressed, it helps me to relax and rest, and refocus. Beauty is defined as the combination of qualities that make something pleasing and impressive to look at, listen to, touch, smell, or taste.
However, it is easy to miss the beauty around us. That's why I like helps me 1st to STOP and look.
Second, I love "capturing" what I am seeing.
It is a habit though, in my business, to take a nature time out...a few minutes, or a long, focused time to "be with" God's glories around me.
And I want to teach my children to look, observe and enjoy also. Sometimes I may say "look at ______. Isn't it beautiful. Do you see the colors, textures, shapes? Thank you LORD, for making such beautiful things for us to enjoy."
This draws their attention to be in a habit of looking...really looking.
As Autumn is coming, what is out your door?
Thank you Kim for your post today that motivated me to go lookin'.


  1. Thank you for SUCH a fun day, dear friend.


  2. beautiful, yes nothing refreshes me as a beautiful day in His presence surrounded by the magificent nature He created. This past month has been rain rain rain and I am so ready for a beautiful weekend to take the children on a hike.

  3. Gorgeous photos--I've always wondered what the Aspens looked like in full bloom. Now I know, thanks to you and Adeye. :)) God's beauty in nature feeds my soul, too. Love the photos!!!

  4. Beautiful post, beautiful pictures! What incredible creations, compliments of our dear Lord! Magnificent!

  5. Amazing photos!

    You know I too love all of His creation and capturing it through my camera!

    Hugs and blessings - Jill

  6. I'm enjoying seeing the autumn color through your camera. Those are beautiful pictures.

  7. Hi Shonni,

    Sharla from Clay glad to have found you, thanks for all of your encouragement! What beautiful photos...


  8. Beautiful! Isn't fall FULL of God's Glory?!

  9. Amazing that there are people stupid enough to think that there was no creator? I just don't get it....

    Love the pictures!! By the way Did Kayln hear that Jess is coming the last week-end of October to Durango and going to share some at our church? Any chance you want a road trip? I would love to hug your neck and Emmy would love to see K.


  10. Thank you for the reminder to stop and enjoy his presense, something I struggle to do as my busyness comsumes me these days. I am missing out. Lots of Love Jules

  11. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Inspiring! Thank-you Shonni!


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