Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grateful/Thankful Thursday-Mom

Mom's Birthday
Today is my mothers birthday...and I can never say how very thankful and grateful for her I am. I wish you could know her like I do...
First, the above picture is at my parents 50th wedding anniversary. And that is my brother with me...I was in the middle of a "speech" so I look silly...
BUT, this isn't about's about that amazing woman sitting on my dad's lap (I know, aren't they the CUTEST!).
My mother is a lover of life!!! She has taught me to look for beauty in creation and in people. She is unmovable about God's love for us all and we teasingly say that she is God's favorite.
Life has not been easy though...
Mom and Dad couldn't get pregnant even though they so badly wanted to have children. After 5 long years they found out that mom had a thyroid cancer. What a scare for my parents!!! After surgery, a miracle happened - mom became pregnant with me. Mom has said that she prayed that the LORD would let her live long enough to see her children grow up.
My name means "God is gracious". After I was born, my brother followed 22 months later, and then no more pregnancies.
Not only has she lived long enough for my brother and I to grow up, but she has seen the miracle of grandchildren growing up.
My parents love to go on vacations with their children. Two years ago, after skiing, my mother feel down the slippery step of our house boat and broke her leg. But it wasn't just any break...the doctors said it looked like a severe auto accident where her leg had been crushed.
Two years later, my mother is still on crutches.
Two years later, my mother is still doing her physical therapy and different drug treatments.
Two years later, with very little bone growth, my mother still prays and expects that the LORD will heal her!
Her faith is as sure as the sun rising and setting.
Her love as unending as the beauties of the Colorado mountains.
Her determination to stand on the truth of God's Word is as strong as the greatest ocean waves.
My precious mother...I love you and am so grateful that the LORD gave you to me!


  1. What a beautiful tpost about your mom. I hope and pray that when my girls are older we have an amazing relationship like you and your mom.


  2. Happy Birthday to a very special lady! (And cool photo edit!)

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your mom! I pray I'll impact my kids as much! I was wondering is Shonni short for something? We're looking for a new name for our daughter coming from Ethiopia!


  4. Happy Birthday, dear Shonni's mom :) Wish I could meet you too :)

    Such a beautiful tribute to your precious mommy, dear friend. Can I adopt her too--pleeezzzz :) My growing brood sure could use a grandma--besides, surely she doesn't have quite enough grandchildren YET?????

  5. You are BLESSED to have such a sweet mama.


  6. What a beautiful post for your mom! Happy wonderful birthday to her!!! Thank you for sharing her with us.

  7. Happy birthday Shonni's Mom!! Another prayer goes to God for her complete healing!

  8. Shonni,

    I enjoyed reading about your sweet mom. She sounds like mine.

    My husband did have a serious car accident and had a very badly broken femur. There were over 2 inches of it that were nothing but shards of bone. It was taking so long to heal. The orthopedic trauma surgeon recommended a bone stimulating device for him. It's painless and I think he used it 3 times a day. The company that makes it came out and showed him how to use it.

    Basically, how it works is that it (I think it's ultrasonic...sorry, don't quote me) irritates the bone and that irritation causes the body to lay down more bone, therefore causing bone growth and healing.

    Professional athletes use them all the time.

    They are very expensive, over $2000.00. But might be worth it.

    Have her ask her dr. about it if you would like to.

    Just thought it might be of help to her.


  9. Beautiful tribute and I love what you did to the picture! :)
    Jessie at Blog Schmog


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