Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bows, and pretties...Oh My!

I love it when it is nice outside and the children take a game out to play. And what a beautiful evening we are having. It has been very hazy though, because the smoke from the California fires have blown our way...so sad!

A precious blog friend, Angel,
has donate some of her wonderful and creative head scarves, hair bows and nursing shawls to sell and help raise money to bring Keshawn home. Just visit her site and tell her our name when you order (Steve and Shonni Hassoldt) and then she will donate proceeds to our adoption.

I have enjoyed several of her head scarves for a year now; really that isn't true...all of my daughters have also enjoyed her head scarves and know that they are in trouble when I yell "Where is my brown or black head scarf...."
They usually show up as if "by magic" some time later when I am not looking.
So please visit here and order anything you want and just mention that you are support our adoption to "bring Keshawn home!"
Please share this on your blog and face book and anywhere else you can think of...not only for us, but because Angel really does have cute stuff!!!!

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  1. Hello. We are just beginning our adoption journey and I would like to ask you a couple of questions if you don't mind. tigiabra @ yahoo . com


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