Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trauma, Drama

This doesn't even show how bad is was!

Life really doesn't let you know what is coming next...
Steve was reading a story to all of us and I was thinking how much I appreciated this, since now more than half of our family is sick with a bad chest cold.
We had started the self cleaning on the oven with my pizza stone which I had scrubbed for the cleaning. What I missed was how much oil had absorbed into the stone, so that even though I had washed it before hand, the oil in the stone caught fire.
We quickly opened every window, brought up fans to take the smoke out, and all of the fire alarms begin to go off. Of course, my sick children began to cough so bad that they couldn't breath, so I was herding them out to the cold Colorado night air for relief.
Our whole house is filled with smoke that makes us all cough, it is late and time for bed...the offending stone is outside after it cooled down enough for Steve to get it out. My house stinks and since I have been feeling "down" this really doesn't help...
(Linny, I am so thinking of your family!!!).
So, every window is open, it is getting cold, children are coughing, and I am not feeling so good myself!
Dumb moment, yea, yet life happens. I kept apologizing to Steve, yet I thought I had prepared for this not to happen by washing the stone before hand...I have never had this happen...
Please pray that Corbin, who is prone to asthma, doesn't get sicker than he is.....
Caresse is coughing more now, and I feel horrible for this my fault....
so here is a real moment with us.


  1. Be gracious with yourself Shonni!

    Life happens and God will see you all through this!

    Praying the smoke gets out quickly and everyone is tucked safely into bed for the night soon!
    Hugs and love,

  2. I'm so sorry that this happened. I'll be praying for your sweet little ones. Our son used to struggle with asthma, so I know how anything can set it off.

  3. Hey there Shonni, this is your little California brother just wanting you to know that we are praying for you all and praising God that it wasn't any worse. You guys are in our prayers daily. I'll let you get some rest before giving you too bad of a time.;)

  4. Seems like Justin could learn to post from his own account, huh? I'm so sorry for your really lousy evening, but don't be so hard on yourself, Shonni! I would say that you were responsible for what happened, rather than that it was your fault, because you had no idea it would happen, and there was no "fault" involved. This too shall pass - and become a story in your family heritage that you will probably laugh about later. Your family is safe, your kids will get well, and God is still good! Smile, sweet girl! Praying for your family tonight!

  5. Aw, things like this seem harder when you are not feeling well. Don't blame yourself. "this too shall pass"
    I'll be praying for your little ones and for you not to get sick!

  6. Oh, sweet friend! Let's look at the good least you were home to quickly turn off the oven...thankfully your husband was there to help as only a man can...praise Jesus, no one was hurt!

    I'll be praying that the smoke smell doesn't remain and that all the children's lungs are clear of any residue.

    We are human...which means we make mistakes. That's life here in this cursed world. Go easy on yourself, it was a mistake any of us could have made!

  7. Oh my sweetest kind to yourself. Yes, life happens, and this too shall pass! The smell will go away today when you air out the house. It'll all be will the kiddos :)

    Love you heaps and sending you a HUGE hug down the mountain.

  8. Prayers for your family. I hope that all clears out quickly and your children are not affected by the smoke. I am thankful that it was not any worse.

  9. ahem.... you are in SUCH good company. Unfortunately with my "ever-learning" cooking ability, this would NOT be a surprise in my home :)
    Praying for healing from yucky colds!

  10. Oh honey don't beat yourself up! Goodness this was nothing you could've know would happen! Such is life sometimes. :o) You will get a good laugh out of this...speaking of life... Here we are camping and so very excited about it. I wake to fresh air and giggles of little boys. I remember "It's my birthsday today!" I unzip the tent to see our big white dog rolling in poop! He is covered in it! He's trying to block his scent glands and it's a normal thing, I get it. BUT the first sights and smells are THIS!?! on my birthday!? lol Then there were other poopy accidents of my two year olds, etc. Anyway, I have had WAY more than my share of bad things that happen on my watch. Praying for all your little ones and their colds. This too shall pass!

  11. Oh bless your hearts! Praying for you sweet friend. Isn't it just like Satan to attack you when you are trying to do something big for God? PRAYING!!!! Amy

  12. That looks like my house. LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog. So nice to meet you and you have the most beautiful family.


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