Thursday, September 17, 2009

Randomness and a Pie Your Don't Want To Miss

I always believe in giving the best part first...why wait, eh?

Here's the best part...I have lost weight on this bean and rice diet...come'on....did I hear a Yeahhhh!!!???
However, I am going to make up for the "loss" with this delicious recipe called Apple Cake in an Iron Skillet...oh my, you must try this...
Caresse and I didn't even wait for the ice cream...and from the "crazy look" in her eyes, you can see that you want be disappointed.
THIS is why I need another you see how big he is?
Nature journaling outside...I love it when it is nice enough to do school outside!!!

As I was diligently doing school with the others and NOT neglecting the little ones, by any means...I heard, "Mom....look!"...
"Good, job Sweet Heart, could you climb down like a good little monkey now?"

And, here is a sweet moment with my daughter...I didn't say one bad word...I promise....
see, I HATE to sew...I like to cook,
however, Caresse loves to sew!
Here is her beautiful quilt that I helped with only because she has been "pestering", well, "begging", OK, she may have had a tiny tear in her eye....ANYWAY,
I did my part to help with this beautiful quilt that SHE LOVES.

Back to what I love...


  1. What a beautiful quilt your daughter made! How ever did you teach her to do that? I'm lucky to sew buttons back onto my clothing!

  2. That is such a stunning quilt, friend. I could soooo do with some sewing lessons...I am completely useless.
    That pie looks divine.
    What a joy it is for me to follow your life, your loves, your passions and your amazing gifting.

    Love you heaps.

  3. The quilt is AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    Love it!

    Precious moments captured too!

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with a monkey around the house! OH MY!


  4. A bit jealous ... 5 years of the beans and rice diet and I don't think I lost a pound :) Your family, simply precious. You continue to encourage me.

    Splashing for His glory,
    Sarah Dawn

  5. I too do not really enjoy sewing, but had a daughter who did and really enjoyed it. It was worth every moment I spent with her. Missing those moments as now that she is in college we are like ships passing in the night at times!

    Thanks for the journaling idea. My little ones love collecting bugs. Guess we will start drawing pictures of them too!

    Delighting in Him

  6. Aww, you have the most beautiful children!

    And YEAH for you on losing weight.

  7. Way to go with the weight loss! Your family is just so amazing and talented to boot!

  8. Hooray for the rice and beans diet plan! :) What a beautiful quilt you and your daughter made! Wow! That cake looks delicious but alas, I HATE to cook.

  9. This post simply exudes love and peace. Thanks for sharing your life in pictures and words.


  10. Wow. That's all I can say. I know you are not fishing for compliments but I have to say you a true proverbs 31 woman! If I only I could close! I LOVE the quilt and the picture of you and Aiden is precious. I want to try the apple skillet. My husband would die!


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