Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cute As A Button - By Kalyn

I decided to call this post Cute As A Button, and I got the idea from Caresse and Landon. They were making little button men and just having fun doing crafts with buttons.
Well I was looking at those buttons and I started to think at how pretty and different each one is. They can be different shapes, sizes, and colors.

It put me in mind of every little one we have brought home from all over the world. Each one is different in shape, size and color. Each one is precious in their own way.
So I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of the kids with buttons. I got lots and lots of pictures but here a some of my favorite ones.

Kiana let me take some pictures of her; is she pretty!

She is so cute!!!!

I don't know what it is with feet, but they do make cute pictures!

I think buttons are pretty cool. You can come up with so many crafts you can use them for. Buttons are pretty fun to play with!

I wish that just as I gathered the buttons in my cap; I could do so with all the little children all around the world.

Every time I look at my siblings I can't help but be thankful that they are in my arms instead of on the streets on the other side of the world.
But still our there are 147 million orphans just waiting for someone to come along and love them.

The only thing that keeps my heart from breaking for all those lost orphans is knowing that God holds each one of them in His hand and knows them by name.

Adoption was the best decision in the world for our family. When people come into our house they are sometimes overwhelmed by all the noise and continual motion. But to me it really isn't that crazy. Okay maybe sometimes! But each one has stolen piece of my heart.

Children are so precious and special. How can any one not love children!! They are the constant source of fun, adventure, love, excitement, and mischief.

I just don't understand people who can abandon their kids. I can't imagine the heartache those kids must feel as they grow up without a father to help them along or a mother to sooth and comfort them.

I am thankful that God chose my family to place these amazing kids. Now I get to call them my siblings and even when they get on my nerves I still love them better than any thing in the world.

Kids really are as Cute As A Button!


  1. You have such a HUGE heart, sweet Kalyn. I can hardly wait to see God's plans and purposes for your life unfold.

    Love and hugs on a seriously chilly day!

  2. I love this post!!!! What fun pictures! And it is so nice to have a view from a siblings standpoint!

  3. Kalyn,

    You have such a beautiful heart!

    Blessings to you,

  4. Amen and Amen Kalyn! Your siblings are so very blessed to have you as their big sister!

  5. Love the pictures and what a beautiful commentary as well. I just love your heart :)
    Jessie at Blog Schmog
    p.s. my address changed but its still me


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