Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something Fun - My "While I wait for Keshawn" give away

kalyn cake2 09
I always love time with may parents. They live in Texas and came because they "can't go to long without seeing the babies." Dad and Kalyn made a delicious Lemon Coconut cake...it was really yummy.
Kalyn cake 09

I think Alia is helping Gommy (that is what the children call my mother) with her next move.

Dandy (what they call my dad) and the birthday girl working on their strategy.

Kiana and Aiden were really watching the lava lamp, Kiana's birthday gift, to see what it was going to do.

Now to the "While I wait for Keshawn" give away...

I thought it would be appropriate to give away this basket that I picked up while we were on our mission trip in Uganda.

To enter my give away answer this question...
"What I like to do that is refreshing and restful emotionally, physically and/or spiritually is..."

Have fun answering...I can't wait to see what you write.
We will randomly choose a winner by this weekend.


  1. What I like to do that is refreshing and restful emotionally, physically and/or spiritually is...(drum roll please)...SING!! Especially singing praises to Our King. It can be congregational, with my family, or just by myself in the car. It picks me up and whatever yuck I'm feeling just goes away! I'm thinkin' Our Father again knew exactly what He was doing when he commanded us to worship Him this way, lol!

  2. Aww, those pictures are so great!
    And what a pretty basket! I love things from Africa!
    As I was nursing my baby there i was listening to a sermon on my ipod. It was refreshing and relaxing all at the same time!

  3. What precious pictures!

    Please don't enter me in the give-away!

    I'm thrilled you are enjoying your time with your parents. They look over joyed too! What a blessing to have this time together!

    Hugs and blessings,

  4. i love your family fun photos! What a special time with Gommy and Dandy!
    To answer your question... I have only been on one woman's retreat - but it was the most relaxing, physically refreshing and spiritually uplifting event I have ever experienced! Can't wait for our next retreat! :)
    Can't wait to see Keshawn in your arms!

  5. Hmmm, I like to take a walk in the woods...I have a special hidden spot that few know about...we call it *My Serene Pleasure*...it is the perfect escape when things get challenging. I find the peace being restored as I quietly reflect on the beauty God plopped on this parcel of land.

    That cake looks yummy, I adore coconut!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  6. What I like to do that refreshes me is RUN!!! I love to run here in CO-- we have a great trail that is next to a creek- i see deer, beavers, cranes, fox and coyote all the time! I come back refreshed:)

  7. I like to go out to our land that God gave us. It is the most peaceful place I have ever been and I just know someday God will bless us with a house there and lots of kiddos someday. It's the place I feel closest to God.

  8. I like to go out in our local nature reserves and walk quietly listening to GOd speak to my heart. It is one of my favorite relazing things to do that also nourishes my soul.

  9. I like to sit by one of our dams - we have a log there we call the "sitting log" & just spend time praying & enjoying God's creation.

  10. What I like to do that is refreshing and restful emotionally, physically and/or spiritually is spend down time at home with my husband and girls. We all climb into our bed and read stories, have tickle fights, tell stories, and just enjoy being together. Every couple of weeks, one of us insists on doing this. We feel most at peace and then, recharged after some time together in our little nest! Hopefully, someday, there will be more kiddos to squeeze in our bed!

    Great question, and beautiful gift to give away!

  11. My answer is sleep. :0) And just have to say that you have such a talent with your pictures of catching the moment. Beautiful.

  12. The most refreshing thing in the world to me is to sit on my sofa with a good friend and just talk the afternoon away!

  13. Rested and refreshed???? Are those seriously words that are still in the dictionary :)

    Just kidding.

    Me? I really don't have much me time. So I would have to say it is those still, quiet moments when I lock myself in the bathroom and ignore the one thousand "Mommy" words for just five minutes. I usually take a book with me. Bliss.
    Five minutes--that's all it takes. I come out a new mommy!

  14. I just discovered your blog today and I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful adoption story. The pictures of your diverse family say so much. My husband and I are on the path to our first adoption and hopefully it won't be our last.


  15. I love to spend the afternoon at Panera, praying and studying. Sometimes Lily comes with me. This is both restful and refreshing!


  16. Beautiful post. I just discovered your blog from another adoption blog. Would like to win the basket. If I win it...it's telling me something I need to know.

  17. Love your post!! How I relax and find refreshing..in my ideal workd I would just alunch my little boat out into my pond, lake, ocean........... and float. In my real world, I sing and it is especially refreshing if I can garden at the same time. As mom to almost 17 children, 14 now, 3 coming soon, my gardening time is always refreshing, no matter how sweaty I may get or how dirty. Being totally surrounded by LIFE always stirs my praise and worship leader juices and rejuvenates my spirit. No one really wants to get dirty and sweaty in the garden, not with the flowers or the vegetables so my gardens are also my "prayer closet" End result is pretty yard, good food to eat later and Mom has her time of refreshing !!
    Linda at


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