Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look at My Blessing

Look what I received in the mail from sweet bloggy friend mommy24treasures.
Isn't is beautiful and I can hardly wait to begin reading it.
This is what is said in the forward,
"The Family Blessing is about more than another nice family tradition to practice. It is about the great "I AM" declaring His glory from one age to the next. May the LORD grant each reader's heart to overflow with blessing on the heads of their sons, daughters, and grandchildren. And may this new edition bring great joy to the coming generations through Jesus Christ and through the blessing of their parent's hands."
Thank you so much mommy24treasures for your gift and encouragement to others!
It has been really busy around here...
still no word on travel date....waiting...
need to get going on some more school...
Can't wait to show you some fun pictures from our weekend with my parents;
and I have a little surprise for you coming, cuz doing something fun will help me as I look at this
and wait!


  1. What a beautiful gift Connie sent you!

    She is such a special friend and sister in Christ!

    Oh that boy of yours is too cute!

    Hugs and love - knowing the wait at the end is the hardest part.


  2. oh I am so glad it arrived! Enjoy. :)
    Keshawn looks so healthy and well taken care of. That is a blessing. He is such a gift to your family.
    Can't wait to see the surprise;)

  3. We read a couple of similar books last year, and are completely convinced that we need to be regularly blessing our children. We bless them all at least once or twice every day. When one of them is having a particular difficulty, we go into their room every night to say a special blessing over them.

    Many blessings to you!

  4. That looks like such a wonderful book, sweet friend. Let us know how you like it.

    Is it possible for that baby of yours to be ANY cuter???? Oh my gosh--completely edible.


  5. Oh my he is so cute!

    Can't wait till he's in your arms.
    Love getting to know your family through your blog.


  6. ;-)

    friends are such a gift...enjoy your book!

    Oh-Mercy says...'Bee..bee,beebee, beeeebeeeee' when she sees Keshawn and 'awwwwhhhhh!' Out of the mouths of babes.


  7. Oh he is just so cute!
    What a great sounding book - hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

  8. OK--could he possibly be ANY cuter?!?! How can you stand it?! : )

  9. Oh my goodness! your baby boy is ADORABLE!! He is just precious!!

    Praying you hear news of a travel date very soon.

    btw... I LOVE the pictures of your sweet Joeliana walking the dog (couple of posts ago) Those are the best pictures!!

    You have a beautiful family.


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