Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Must Read

You must go read this and share with your many people are being hurt because of fear and a lack of truth!


  1. So happy I pulled up your blog! What a gift! Beautiful Beautiful family~

  2. Thank you so much Shonni for sharing this. I just hopped over. B said what I've been saying (just not on my blog - yet!)...we don't immunize and find that those who are sickest (or dead) are the ones who did. The drug companies want the $$. It's not about health - it's about the $$.

    Thank you for working at educating bloggy friends!

    PS Did you get my comment that Jess is coming? I think 1st week of Nov. (She had to change it from last of Oct.) If you want more info call..I think your hubby has my cell...or maybe K has Emmy's email or cell??

  3. thanks for the info.
    We try to be as natural as possible and love any info that helps!

  4. AAAHHHH! Crazy--thank you for getting this out there! I would not have known--figured... but now I know :))

  5. I just posted this earlier on my blog today. I had posted a few days ago getting everyone's opinions on "To Flu Shot or NOt". Hands down my decision is made to not!

    Thanks for the link to the wonderfully written post, so much better than anything I could ever articulate.

  6. We've prayed about this much and have decided to not receive any more flu shots. Last year we were outside 2 hours a day nearly every day which gets us plenty of vitamin d even on cloudy pacific nortwest winter days and we've been so healthy.


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