Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I just had to show you these two pictures of Joeliana...aren't they hysterical!!!
I'm not sure if she is walking Bluez, or he is walking her....

We went to the green belt not far from our home for a nature hike, since the weather is suppose to turn cold tonight.

Cool picture of Caresse, because I had the camera on black and white and forgot to adjust the exposure...so accidentally a pretty fun picture.

Aiden working hard to "capture" his picture of nature....

I have had a few questions about bringing Keshawn home...of course, WE ALL want to know when....I wish I knew...they say I might could leave in 4-6 weeks to bring him home; but not sure at this point...
-We are really praying that we can bring him home before Christmas....
-And, we are praying because I really am not feeling that I am suppose to travel alone this time, (this is a longer story for later...I have done it before....but...), so we are praying for the extra money for an extra travel person....
-We still need to raise money for travel for even just me....

Also, I have had some wonderful questions about how I take care of my African girls hairs and I wanted you to know that I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned in the next few days.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments in response to Keshawn's picture and court approval....Thank you LORD GOD...almost home!


  1. Shonni - waiting through adoption is really so hard! Our dossier is in Ethiopia waiting a court date - hoping to hear we have one in two weeks!

    Praying for your travel arrangements and trusting God for the perfect day for Keshawn to come home forever! Goodness is that little one beautiful!

    Love and blessings,

  2. Such beautiful photos... It makes me want to come and live where you live. My heart has just been longing for beauty and simplicity...

  3. I love love love the pics!!

    Thank you for the Update on Keshawn. Praying that it works to have a travel partner! Very excited for you to go get your sweet boy!!

    Looking forward to the "how to do the hair" posts!! You never know where God will lead us!

  4. What a fun walk in such a beautiful place! You always have such lovely photos! I remember my little sister (when she was much smaller) being dragged on her tummy by a dog - your pictures reminded me of that!

  5. What stunning pics. LOVE seeing the kids. Yep--cold weather heading our way, hey? I cannot tell you how excited I am about that :):):)

    Love you heaps.

  6. Those are great pictures. The kids really look like they are enjoying their time outside.

    Wow, you have a lot on your plate right now with the adoption and everything. That would be so great if he were home to celebrate Christmas with you all!

  7. Oh my, all your pics are so great but those first two just made me smile, big time!! You need to enter those in some sort of photo contest! Seriously, they are precious!

    Can't wait to read your hair post!

  8. You have to find some "photo contests" to enter that first photo in! It is amazing!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Praying as you bring your baby home!

  9. Beautiful pictures!

    Praying that Keshawn will be home soon, and that someone will be able to travel with you!


  10. What beautiful pics...they look like they capture each ones personality. Look forward to the "hair care" upcoming posts...still looking for products for little Miss Tess' hair!


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