Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cuteness and Randomness

How fun it was to watch my littlest one explore the beach!
We have some precious friends staying with us right now for a few weeks. We have known them for almost 13 years. What a blessing their friendship and love is to us.
I am taking Corbin to the dr. today and busy shopping for things. I'm hoping that my days begin to settle into a calmer routine soon.
I am trying some new slow cooker recipes since we have company. This will be a good time for me to try ones that I had set aside. I have been wanting to do more slow cooking anyway because I find that so much easier right now with a new baby in the house.
Keshawn is have really bad I am exploring what I can give him to eat to help. He isn't eating what I have tried so far.
Waiting to hear from Caresse's dr. to see when we can schedule her leg surgery. I hope I hear soon.


  1. Love the new photo of your precious babe!

    Praying over health in your home!

    Love and blessings - Jill

  2. Aw, what a sweet little treasure on the beach!

  3. That picture is absolutely precious! So sorry that he is constipated...poor little guy! I'm sure you will find something that will loosen things up.

    I've been praying for your van situation. I can't wait to see how God provides.

  4. You sure are having a busy time. I hope it begins to settle down a bit. Keshawn is just adorable! I hope you can find something to help him. Enjoy your friends visit. Please share any good recipes - I got a slow cooker & used it all of last winter, but only have a few recipes.
    Have a lovely day
    Renata :)

  5. That picture is beautiful. Love it.

  6. Hi Shonni,
    Thanks! Yes, you're right, it has been colder than normal down here! But the sun is still shining so that helps a lot! I can handle the cold as long as it's not raining at the same time!
    I'm trying to read and catch up with your blog. I feel so behind on everything. I hope you all are feeling better and over all the sickness you had before Christmas.
    Thanks again for your comment.
    <><, Melissa

    PS. I don't know if this would help your little guy and constipation but i've noticed that those bottles of vitamin waters always help to loosen things up! He might like to drink them rather than eat some thing. Just a thought.

  7. Keshawn is adorable!!! Love him.
    Soooo sorry about your van! I'm catching up after a crazy December and then we almost lost Joel's dad..but all is well now. Please, tell me what you rented and how much. Thought about doing that when we travel. Will you all buy another 15 passenger van? Keep us posted as I'm always researching vehicles. :) the way, Alaina LOVED her scarf at Christmas. Still need to post those pics.

  8. You have an amazing family! Trish

  9. What a sweetheart!!!

    Good luck with your slow-cooking recipes! I, too, prefer this kind of cooking!!!!

    Have fun with your friends!!


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