Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It was so surreal!!!

It was soooo quiet this morning that I thought it was still early morning. I knew that Steve had left for work, but I thought I would just rest a little more before I got up.
The quietness was almost uncanny, but I was enjoying it so much, that I slept on.

Caresse dared to enter my room and my quiet early morning rest to ask me a question...I know, WHAT WAS she thinking.

I think she was thinking that it was 10:00 a.m. and that I should be awake finally!
So why was it so quiet? Where were THIRTEEN children?

Oh blessings of blessings to a tired, sick mama...Colorado gave us a beautiful, warm morning and they were outside! Kalyn and Aspen had been watching after Keshawn, Jacob was doing his school. I came down stairs and it got even better. Kalyn was doing some house work and told me that now that I was up she was going to vacuum upstairs and clean one of the bathrooms.

So, just WHAT were the children doing outside?

Building a safe fire...
outside their tepees...
and shooting their arrows from their homemade bows.
Oh, the joys of childhood!


  1. Either you were dreaming...or you have dreamy children! I think it's the latter. What a blessing!!

  2. Now that looks like fun and sounds delightful for you!

    Praising God for the blessings of daughters who love on us the way they do!

    Hugs and love,

  3. What wonderful kids you have!!!! So wonderful!!!! Hope the sleep helped you feel better!
    So happy that you will have an oven soon!

  4. Oh, doesn't that just warm a mama's heart when your children take responsibility without being asked? Love it!

  5. Such thoughtful kiddos you have.

  6. What a wonderful testimony to your mothering! It looks like you have a children's fantasy land right there at home and school and chores being done, too. It's too good to be true.

  7. aww that was so sweet to let you get your rest. I love the tepees, my son would love those.

  8. Your children are amazing! What blessings they must be! And what an incredible gift for you as their mom to sleep in late, wonder where everyone is, then find them all engaged in such positive, fun, activities.

  9. Oh how wonderful is that!? Wow! What a great bunch you have there. Awesome!! Praying you are feeling even better today!

  10. Ohhh, precious! And so encouraging for this mama of "only" four! I've bookmarked your blog and admit I'm hooked now...and so thrilled to see that hat fitting so nicely on your cute little guy!
    Many, many blessings,
    Shannon @ Baruch's Lullaby

  11. Beautiful! So glad you preserve the everyday moments in pictures. Your kids are growing up with a wonderful childhood to look back on. And to think what childhood would have been for some of them if God hadn't touched your heart to be part of their rescue! Amazing to think about. Thank you, Jesus!


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