Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Mad...

If a family wants to adopt...they really do need to count the cost and be honest....
are we adopting for us or are we adopting to give a child a family.
Some are afraid to adopt because they have heard horror stories of what can go wrong...
Believe me, we know...we have several horror stories...and all these years later the question is still the we trust the LORD to bring us through whatever situation for His glory and His will. Will we trust Him when He says to "go" or "do";
or will we pray and blame it on the LORD saying;
"We don't feel this is God's will for us." Are we sure God is saying no or are we just afraid to trust Him with what may come.
I know, that I am being really raw right now...but I am so upset and so tired of hearing the many times that satan uses fear to keep families from giving a child a home.
I'm not mad at the families...I'm mad at satan's lies...fear is one of his oldest tricks....
Please, what does the LORD say in the really is simple...
Love the Lord our God 1st, and love our neighbor as our self...
if you were a poor baby, no family, no home, no daddy, no mommy,
wouldn't you pray that someone would walk past their fears of money, disease, disability, time, and possible problems to bring you home?
Wouldn't you pray that someone would take a chance on you?
Please, let's walk past our fears together, when all is great we celebrate together, when things go wrong, we comfort each other...mourn together, love together...
tonight, I am mad, because someone is afraid to bring a child home....


  1. That someone is us.......worried about fees..taking the step......
    Thanks for praying for people like us.

  2. Hi Shonni, we didn't allow fear to get in the way... and now we have great news... referral!!!
    I had to tell somebody

  3. I am mad tonight too! Because I want this so badly, and it is taking so long and they are sitting in an orphanage while I feel tied up in red tape! GRRR. I am afraid, but I also know that He gives grace for what He has called us to.

  4. What a great post!! We will be bringing home an older child from China this year, God willing. Yes, we took a leap of faith with no money saved. The fear comes and goes on how it will all work out. Where will all the money come from?? We pray through the fear!!!

  5. Shonni - you know my heart on this subject! Praying with you!

    I keep going back to the study of Haggai Scott taught two weeks ago.

    Don't be afraid, be courageous, for I am your God and am with you, says the Lord.

    Step out in faith and then He will completely take over.

    Hugs and much love,

  6. Oh, Shonni, we faced many opportunities to fear before bringing our two newest Treasures home ~ no funds, the 'stalker,' the age factor, yada yada yada... but God is God and His plans cannot be thwarted! Do we just say we trust Him, or do we really trust Him, you know, when the goin' gets tough and there's no way out; when we will absolutely fail but for His intervention. His promises stand firm and He will never leave nor forsake us. Why are we so concerned about the things which should be of no concern to us?!?
    Every single day I pray for His children around the world to step out in faith that He will provide ALL that's needed to care for the least of these.
    Thank you for being raw!

  7. Don't even get me started!!!! This stuff gets me going, friend. And because I really don't want to tick anyone off on your blog...I'll just keep my mouth shut :)


    Let's paint sooooooonnnnn--I need to solve the problems of the world with someone :)

  8. I agree. I get frustrated, too. It's not like God is going to appear to you in a dream or drop a neon sign in front of your eyes. Adoption is a natural outflow of a life that is consumed with loving others and dying to self. Adoption is our response to our own adoption. Adoption is the Lord's provision for those without family or home. And in this day of ease in our culture, we have very few opportunities to trust and rely on the Lord. We have few opportunities to suffer. Our adoption process took me to a place spiritually and us to a place in our marriage that we would not have arrived at otherwise. We the church has an obligation to be different, to be characterized by love, to be Jesus Christ to the lost world. What better way than through adoption?

  9. I hear ya, girl. So many families miss out on the biggest blessing of their lives because satan tricks them into saying no to it. :(

  10. Shonni,
    I understand how you feel. I get pretty upset too. We are currently working on getting some money together to start another adoption, I'm sooo excited. Yes it's alot of money, especially with college, but you just have to take that leap of faith and trust that God will provide. While I know there are many people that can't come up with that kind of money and would love to adopt there are also many people that are just indifferent to the plight of orphans and that's what really makes me angry.

  11. Shonni, you have said it so well in this post! I will refer to it when I talk to others. Thank you for your insight and honesty. I hope it will speak to someone who is afraid, and help them do it anyway!

  12. I second that Adeye! I am so sorry that you have to witness this going on. Our newest blessing is an amazing gift from the Lord--and to think that a family got "scared" and abandoned him, This matters, this is real, and this is not ok. Let us, in love, stand firm for the truth. These children are more than cute smiles and cuddles, these are precious souls we are talking about.

  13. Fear can either be an obstacle or a motivator...I pray we all can let it motivate us to lean more fully on His everlasting arms!
    We started our adoption with nothing more saved than the initial application fee. We still have a long way to go, but in the past year we've seen God raise up for us $14,000!!!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  14. AMEN!!!!!!!! I am so with you.


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