Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still Here

I'm sorry that I'm not blogging much. It has been so busy...a good busy with our precious friends here. Our sweet friends are missionaries to Mexico and pastors in Texas. We have known them for 14 years.
Above is the oldest daughter, Hannah with Kalyn and Aspen, the youngest daughter. Because these three have grown up together they are the best of friends.
Kalyn and Aspen are especially close to each other. Today Kalyn went with their family to celebrate Aspen's 18th birthday.
Each year I have the joy of doing family pictures for this family. It is always fun because they are fun to work with and extremely "photogenic".


Mother and Daughters

Hannah's graduation picture
All these are pictures I took this last summer (when it was warm and NOT below 0 like it is right now...)

I was able to start back up our school schedule Thursday. It feels good to be back into our routine and the children seem to settle down better when we do. Still no van...still looking. The other insurance is giving Steve resistance to pay what they bad, Steve has been in insurance claims for 23 years...they don't have a chance with him.
Well, I'm off to rest with the babies. I am still pretty sick with this cold.


  1. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! Gorgeous family!

    Glad to hear you are able to rest!

    Praying health and healing into your home!


  2. You are SUCH a gifted photographer, friend. Those pics are absolutely stunning.

    Feel better really soon, okay.

    Love you heaps.

  3. your photos are gorgeous!!! we might need to ask you to do some for us this summer when our family is complete (dare i say that?!)

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and had to comment that it's wonderful. Your photos are beautiful!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Where do you find the time for this Shonni? God bless your energy!!

  6. What beautiful pictures! - I just love their beautiful curls!
    I hope you feel better & enjoy your visitors!
    Renata :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures. I hope you start feeling better.

  8. Beautiful! Is that all NATURAL curl?? If not, how do they do that?

  9. Acceptance with Joy...Yes,I know, can you believe that is all NATURAL curl?!!! They have beautiful hair!


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