Friday, January 22, 2010

We're Doing Everything We Can....

I was wanting to blog about a great slow cooker recipe, especially because Amy is asking for some...
I wanted to blog about the most adorable knit hats that I got for Keshawn from a darling new friend in Alaska - Shannon...(I am still going to blog about these, I will just have to wait...but you must visit Shannon...I'm in love with her precious heart for children).
but, for now,
we are doing all we can to stay out of the emergency room.

Every 20 minutes Corbin is doing his emergency breathing treatment; I gave him a long, hot bath with Eucalyptus and rubbed him down in good healthy oils; I am giving him tinctures specific for Asthma every 20 minutes; a special herbal tea for congestion and breathing problems; nasal rinses and tons of PRAYER!
I don't want my baby back in the hospital....
but I am also being selfish...I REALLY wanted to be home tomorrow and relax and read and sleep and spend time with my family! I have spent two days cleaning the house and preparing for us to rest tomorrow together.
Still, I am thankful that we live here where we can get the medical help Corbin needs and thankful for all his brothers and sister, family and friends who are praying for Corbin!
So onward we go with the LORD and I'm thankful to be doing it with my best friend and only husband! What a man...I pulled out steak for a "special" meal tonight. Steve was going to grill them...but the propane has a he can't grill.
Not stopped, Steve looked up succulent pan fried steak on the computer and is now making us some great steak.



  1. Awww poor guy! Praying over him and you!

    How sweet is His love!

    Blessings and grace,

  2. Praying that you get a full day of rest, relaxation and great FAMILY time tomorrow!!

  3. praying for you and your sweet son tonight. i hope you can have a wonderful family day tomorrow.
    mhovdestad at hotmail dot com

  4. Do you have a nebulizer at home? We went for a year (and many trips to the E.R.) without a neulizer for Adam. Then one day, a doctor said that we could have one at home. I was so suprised! Why hadn't anyone told me this before?

    On a very up-side, Adam is almost completely healed of Asthma. He occasionally wheezes a bit if he is sick or out running around in really cold weather. I'll pray that our merciful Lord heals your precious little guy.



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