Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boy, Do They SHINE!

These three headed to Guatemala this morning on a mission those who are new, this is my Dad - Dandy by the children, my Mom - Gommy by the children; and my cute little red-headed darlin' niece - Tiffany. 
I grew up with my parents very involved in missions and now three generations later, they are still leading, by example, a life of love for the LORD and love for people. This is Tiffany's second mission trip with my parents. The first one was to South Africa. My parents feel IN LOVE with the precious people of S. Africa. And this is their 3rd year in a row to minister to the people of Guatemala. 
And yes, this is the Gommy I have asked you to pray for in the past.  We found out just before this trip that my precious mom will have to have a pretty extensive surgery on her leg later this summer. Her hip and leg are not healing from the past accident, the hardware pin that they put in may have broken, so she is in Guatemala ministering to hurting people and telling them of God's love for them on crutches
in a hilly country. 
(Tiffany and Keshawn in December)

Please remember them this next week and pray for them all as they minister and love on the people of Guatemala. They will have an eye clinic, fun for orphan children and helping to build where ever they can. Here is my Dad's prayer note.

"As yall know, Glenda and I and our grand daughter, Tiffany, are going to Guatemala this next week. Pray is the secret to a successful and safe trip.
I ask that you pray for the three of us, not only while we are gone but for at least a week after we return. The devil loves to attack before you (and he certainly has) and when you get back to try and convince you that you are wasting your time.
I thank each of you for your prayers."

It would take a lot to tell you the many way's that the Enemy tries to destroy God's will and work. Any my family has really gone through some hard things, however, they give themselves to the LORD and risk it all for Him. Thank you for your prayers for my family this next week, especially sweet Gommy...every step she takes hurts, but she keeps on going. May we all follow in her foot matter what you may be going through...get stubborn for the LORD and keep on going! I love you all so much!!!


  1. true words! praying for them :))


    We will commit to praying for your parents and niece.

    Lots of love!
    You know how special Guatemala is to us - and I love that your family is there for the 3rd time! God is faithful and will take good care of your Mom while she is doing His work!

  3. Your family is very blessed to have such faithful servants of God for generations! What an awesome testimony for your chilren.

  4. What incredible role models y'all have! And to see them bringing their grand daughter along - one sweet is that! From Generation to generation! God will be praised!
    We will be praying for their trip! Thank you for sharing!

  5. WOW! That totally warmed my heart. :) I will be praying for them. I love their hearts--and know what your dad means about the enemy attacking before, during and after a mission trip. Keep us posted!!


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