Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just In Time!

We spent the last three days working REALLY HARD outside.  "How hard?", you ask? By yesterday I couldn't turn a door knob....I kid you not!!! I always get the children's attention by snapping my fingers. But my hands and muscles hurt so bad that I couldn't even snap! We needed to replace the cheap black border around the play area and enlarge the sand box, which was also falling apart. Also on the job list was moving 3 tons of dirt into the chicken coop to build back up all the dirt that the chickens had scratched out over the years. And we needed to rake the whole back yard. If you have never lived in an evergreen forest, you probably didn't know this, but our pine trees shed needles all year, so twice a year we have to rake them up. JUST the back yard fills up the below green trailer - twice.  Also, a large part of a tree had broken down in the last snow storm. So that had to be cut up and dragged to the trailer.

Here's the new border and sand box. I love cross ties...but, BOY, are they heavy!!! So, we now have the play area ready for the children...just in time for the snow!! Yes, more snow coming our way...I've heard  anything from 8-18".  And today, I'm not feeling so good. May be I can get some rest this afternoon.


  1. what a job!!
    praying for you to feel better!! :))

  2. Great job... but my comment is more to say thank you! I appreciate and respect your comments! Thank you for your prayers!!
    You know this feeling very well, don't you?

  3. oh no! praying you feel better - enough snow already!

    you probably can't lift your arms to do it either!


  4. Wow! That is a ton of work! And I thought I was exhausted! :) hope you get some rest and are feeling better soon!
    Love the finished product!

  5. Looks great!

    Hope you feel better soon.


  6. What a beautiful play area you have!! Your children are very blessed. :)
    Love the pine trees too! Feel better soon. xo

  7. i can imagine how tired you must be, but the play area looks great! push all the kids outside and lock the doors so you can crawl in your bed for a nap...hehe! :)

    I think some places sell pine needles as mulch. Maybe you can get in on that deal!


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