Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Photo Improvement Contest-Brent Riggs

Brent Riggs is hosting a photo improvement challenge over at his On Building A Better Blog home. If you aren't familiar with this family, Abby is their daughter and she is fighting cancer. Last month they had the fun opportunity to meet some famous people while they were at the Children's Hospital.

Here is my improvement on the photo...do you know who the men on either side are?

Here is the before improvement. I enhanced the color, and cropped the photo in my PSE. I then applied a Coffee Shop border and an action. If you aren't familiar with this family, be sure and visit them. They are so encouraging. 


  1. Girl, I'm from the home of the Dallas Cowboys! :)

    Great job, I'm still a point and shoot kinda photographer. A long way from making any improvements! I do love the Riggs family.

  2. I didn't submit a photo soon enough for this contest, but you did a great job! I really like the improvement you did! That looks great.

    I did put up a link for the Blog critique, and that's how I found you! Nice to meet you through your blog.

    Rachael - MommyTopics.com


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