Saturday, May 29, 2010

Volcanic Eruption Where my Family is....

A few posts ago, I asked if you would please be praying for my mom, dad and niece, Tiffany. They left last week for a mission trip in Guatemala. A few days ago we found out the the Pacaya volcano had erupted in Guatemala city. Today we found out that there have been some small earthquake trimmers. The city is in a "state of calamity".  And now we have found out that "A tropical storm, deemed to be almost a cyclone, is lashing Guatemala’s Pacific coast and the usual intermittent rains have evolved into three days and nights of non-stop showers." 

The airport is now closed till, I don't know when, and I just got off the phone with Tiffany. They are driving from the north, where they were working, to Guatemala City to find out from their airlines where they need to go to get home. It may be that they have to drive to a neighboring country, Belize, to the airport there, to fly home. At this point, please pray...
-they are having difficult and slow driving conditions due to rain, land slides and other things,
-that the LORD shows them where they need to go to get home,
-safety in all things and opportunities to minister as the LORD leads to the hurting people of this country.
-for my mom, with her injured leg...she is really hurting and having to use more than her normal pain meds...
-the LORD's peace for the mission group, Kim and Karla (Tiffany's mom and dad - it's hard to have your baby away), and other family members at home praying and waiting.

Thank you all for your love and prays for "Dandy", "Gommy" and Tiffany. I will keep everyone updated! loves,


  1. Hi Shonni,

    We'll have your parents and niece in our prayers. Asking God for protection, guidance and healing for your mom. Our Lord will keep them out of danger!! Peace and blessings for all of you!!

  2. Hi Shonni! This is Jill's daughter Lexi.

    I will be praying over your family who is in Guatemala as well as the country itself. I am leaving for a two week missions trip to Guatemala in 30 days. Keep trusting God...He will make everything work out all for His glory.


  3. Posted this on my FB status. In prayer this morning for your loved ones and the city.

  4. I will pray for your family's safe return home.

  5. Hi Shonni, I just prayed for your beautiful family! Please kept us posted. Love in Christ,

  6. I will be praying sweet friend....
    God is on the throne and He has the whole team in His loving hands.... Praying for traveling mercies, protection, peace, and as you said for Divine opportunities to minister to the people and to share Jesus with the lost.
    God's Speed Home...

  7. Oh Shonni- I can't imagine how scared you must be. I will be praying! Love, Amy

  8. i love your blog and all of your beautiful children!

    i am your newest follower!


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