Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Out Of Necessity ...

I will be buried in eleven children’s clothes today.  From all closets and drawers, I must sort our what fits and what doesn’t, what is ruined in some way and must go away, and what is good and should be kept in the basement for another child to grow into.  Then there are the socks...
if you don’t hear from me in a few days, please send help, BIG help!!!
Before I go,
look at these cute pictures that Kalyn took of Joeliana and Aiden yesterday.



  1. precious photos!

    ha! if you don't hear from me I'm under a pile of boxes and lost in cleaning things out too!

    hugs! and lots of ♥

  2. I need to do that same chore ... but haven't quite gotten motivated yet. My dear husband, however, keeps reminding me that the kids are wearing "high waters", and we need to do the hand-me-down shift of clothes.

    LOVE the pics!


    PS: Don't miss my blog this week. God has done a MIGHTY MIRACLE! :)

  3. Those pictures are precious!! And I will be with you in spirit...I, too, have clothes that need sorted as well as the usual mounds of wash that needs taken care of. I need to quit looking at cute pics on blogs & get busy!! :o)

  4. Oh no not socks, did you read my post on how they are evil ;) Cute pictures. I hope you get everything sorted.

  5. ah, yes...I really need to be doing that, as well!

  6. LOL, too funny!! Wishing you luck, that is no easy task!

  7. Been there recently myself. Our big consignment sale is in January, so I dug through our stuff (and had some not so cooperative models during the process). But I only have three kiddos. Can't imagine what it is like with as many as you have.
    Good luck!
    Darling pictures of a very beautiful girl by the way.

  8. Those pics are great!

    I can NOT imagine going through all those clothes!!

  9. Oh the passing of the clothes.....UGH! Not one of my favorite jobs- A- because it takes a long time with more kiddos, and B- because it reminds me how fast they are growing :( Although I have to say I especially don't like switching to winter clothes because somehow I think it makes them look even older...or maybe it is just my sentimental self.

    If we don't hear from you.....well I would answer the call for help, but all the packing boxes are soon to engulf me :) he he he

  10. sending prayers...and a hug.

    Very sweet photos...beautiful!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  11. Shonni,

    I JUST emerged from our children's closets so I'm totally understanding where you're coming from! LOL!

    Hope you have emerged safely.

    Here's my deal with socks:
    1. wash and dry all of the random socks in the house (that aren't clean, matched, and in drawers already)
    2. match any that you can and then:
    3. THrow the rest away (or use them to make puppets)
    4. make the kids buy their own socks (beyond the basic supply we give them) - I actually keep extra sock sets on hand and sell them for $1 each to those children who just can't seem to keep their socks!

  12. Beautiful blog.. And family! Found you on Mega Family Blogs

    I did the same task yesterday. It is an all day chore isn't it.. Good thing its only twice a year!

  13. I just finished that chore with my crew!

    Love the pics, looks like they were enjoying one of our nice warms days last week!!


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