Friday, February 11, 2011

This Little Darlin’ NEEDS A Mommy And Daddy - NOW!!

Here is what Marci at ASIA wrote about Milly,

Meet Milly. CCAA has asked us to advocate for her because she will turn 14 in the fall and no longer be eligible for adoption. Milly is healthy and sweet. The Director of her orphanage regards her as his own always asks how she is doing and teaches her things. Milly is a very polite and honest young lady. When she found 50 Yuan on the ground, she immediately gave it to her teacher to try to find the person who lost it. Her teacher was so impressed that she continued to praise and encourage Milly. Milly struggles a little academically but has remained at grade level with a little extra help and encouragement. She likes studying English more than Chinese and Math. She reports that she does want to be adopted and have a family of her own. Milly needs a family to come forward for her right away! Please contact me if you would be interested in Milly. If you are already in process for another child, it may be possible to adopt Milly as well:

Let’s get the word out for this little darling, before it is to late.  Let’s fight for her so that she will not become an “if only” child;
if only she had a family!!
“Father God, we pray for this chid of Yours, and ask that you would bring her family to her before it is to late.  We pray for Your will to be done and thank you that You have called us to help work in Your field of the fatherless."


  1. praying with you for her family to find her!

    xoxo jill

  2. Praying for this sweet girl to get a family!! God bless her!

  3. I read this earlier in the morning and I've thought about her a lot...I'm praying. Older child adoption has been weighing heavy on my heart.


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