Monday, February 28, 2011

We Had Our Own Plan...

To celebrate our “Bao Xinu” Auction, I will be sharing a part or our journey to our precious children each day.  Please pray for us and share our auction with your friends and family as we trust the LORD for the funds that we need.

Where it all began...I looked at a list of children who had been a part of ASIA’s 2nd Hope Journey.  I don’t know why I looked.  Steve and I were planning on using our dossier from Keshawn’s adoption to go back to Ethiopia again to adopt another waiting baby.  We had not even considered any part of Asia for the last few years because we knew that we did not meet the requirements.  I like to advocate for children when possible, so I was thinking that I would blog about the children at ASIA’s Hope Journey II.  
Oh my, and then I saw...
this little face.

I fell in love, but I knew that China just wasn’t an option for us.  We had looked into the waiting program less than 24 months ago and were told it just was not possible for us.  So why, oh why, did I let myself linger on this little face.  For three days I would look at the blog about this little man and for three days I would “down size” the blog post about know the button...not the “x” that closes a page, but the “-“ that puts it down at the bottom of your computer.  I didn’t tell Steve that I was falling in love.  Goodness, how would I explain that...
“Honey, I have fallen in love with a little boy in China from a special needs list.  He is six...I know - older than we have ever considered.  His informations says his special needs is “developmentally delay".  No, I’m not exactly sure what that looks like.  And, yes, I know, we don’t meet SEVERAL of the requirements for China.  Yes, I should not have looked, but I did.”
Well, on the 4th day, I pretty much said those words to Steve.  And, my blessed husband said, “It doesn’t hurt to ask”.  I love that man!!!
Come to find out, we were able to request a waiver to adopt Asher, and very quickly we found out that we had received pre-approval.  
But it was just getting interesting...
Tune in tomorrow for more of our journey,
and again share our “major-cool” frame auction to help us raise the money to bring home our “bao xinu” (precious children).
Thank you all so much!!!


  1. Oh, I can't wait to hear the rest of the story! And don't you love those waivers!?

    I will go right now and post this on my blog. Hope it goes well!

  2. You're killing me girl....I want to hear the rest of the story!!! I love it so far! :)

  3. oh, i looooove this! and your hubs answer?! ridiculously awesome.

    will share your auction soon!

  4. How can you not fall in love with that precious face??

  5. What a beautiful story of love and God's providence.
    God's speed Shonni

  6. Thank you for your comment on my blog, which led me to your blog. I LOVE your blog! I'm excited to see how this story unfolds. :)
    And thank you for your donation!!!! How incredible selfless of you to donate while you have your own fundraiser going on. Truly, thank you.

  7. He is a gorgeous little man.
    His little eyes just sparkle!

  8. That's my motto- it doesn't hurt to ask! Love hubby's response!! Love the journey that God takes us on!! Lovin your sweet treasures!!

  9. Awww, what a doll!

    The world says NO...

    BUT GOD!


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