Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday-One Thing Led To Another

Here are some pictures from our minor home remodeling project.
You can see in the above picture that our refrigerator was basically a little island in the middle of three rooms.  The door on the left leads to what I call my “quiet room” (there are major rules for this room!!!).  The room on the right is our dining room and then of course, the kitchen.  It has always been so hard to get to the refrigerator with it facing the cabinet the way it does.  So daddy suggested that we wall up the door and get some more room.

 Above, daddy is walling up one side and below is a picture of the other side all sheet rocked and ready for texture.

 Mom and I couldn’t do anything to help the guys, so we spent time learning how to smock on my sewing machine.  In the back ground, my niece, Hannah, who came over for the day, is preparing the wall for texture.

 This picture is just because my dad is so darn cute with his grandchildren!!!
 All is coming together nicely.  And one thing led to another; we needed to paint the new wall, so I decided we would just paint the whole kitchen since it needed it!!!  Now mom and I got busy!!
 Above...almost done, just needing some second coats of paint.   See the little angel on the tray?  I tried to wash the dirt off of her, and all her “hair” came off.  Well, I guess all construction must have a few casualties.  
This picture is just for your viewing pleasure.  You may be saying to yourself “What in the world is going on here?”  Well, I’ll tell you...I put the second coat on to quickly, then tried to pull the tape off, and the paint just came off like a latex glove.  Lesson learned...painting on tea stained walls is tricky, and be patient!!!!!!

 I am so thankful that my parent came down to help us with this project.  It is so much easier to do a job when people you love are helping you (besides that, they are both so smart with construction and decorating).  And I am thankful to have this pretty new paint in my kitchen!  It was looking dingy, and paint is such an inexpensive way to change the look of a room.
 And what about “that” wall? 
 Well, here is a picture I took right this minute with my computer.  You can see that I still have a little work to do.  So to finish up this post.  I am thankful also for good work to do here in my home!


  1. I love the color you picked for the kitchen...looks nice!

  2. Oh, it's going to be so great!!

    And I just adore that picture of your dad and the kiddos. What a fun grandpa! Grandparents are an AMAZING part of our kids' lives, aren't they? Love that!!

  3. Oh wow....that looks absolutely amazing, my friend. Great idea.

  4. Wow, can I hire your family?? I've got a bunch of stuff I can use help with around here.
    You guys are a great team!


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