Monday, February 21, 2011

Capturing The Days

 I went to his bedroom and saw that he had made his bed and placed his special stuffed animals comfortably on his blanket.
I wanted to capture this boy hood moment because on that day, my little Landon was one year closer to manhood.   One more birthday was bringing him closer to leaving his childhood behind.  
I don’t want to forget when he carefully placed his special toys on his bed, and met this birthday; he one when he turned 10.

Someone else had a birthday also.  Yes, my little Keshawn is now two.

I survived the sorting of the clothes.  I always feel ten pounds lighter when I do a job like that!!!
We finished up the painting and I love the new clean feel of it all.
Jace and Karlie and donating something really special to help us raise funds for the adoptions.  I wanted to  do an auction on it.  Do any of you have suggestions how to do that?  I have never done an auction fundraiser.
Time to get back to schooling!!


  1. Happy Birthday to two special boys!

  2. Happy birthday to your gorgeous boys, friend.

    Such sweethearts. I cannot believe how big your baby is getting!

  3. Happy Birthday to Landon and Keshawn!!! Wow they are growing up too fast!!!

    Glad you made it through your cleaning!
    I'm cleaning closets today - feels good!

    Can't wait to see your auction!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet boys! I too feel so much better after cleaning out!!!

    Love and hugs,

  5. Are you doing an online auction or a traditional silent auction?

  6. Happy birthday to those two sweet boys. They are so very cute:)

    I hope they had a great one {I'm sure they did, though:) }



  7. Your children are just precious. Oh my goodness. I love their little faces. What sweet love you share for them here. i could read it in every sentence!

  8. Happy Birthday to Landon and Keshawn!!

  9. Happy Birthday to your boys - I am dreading the clothes clean out (I'd better start as it's begun to get cold here this last week). I always cry as I put away the grown-out-of clothes.

  10. Happy Belated birthday to your adorable boys! NO WAY can Keshawn be two already! Ack!!!


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